Aerolite’s dedicated lightweight EMS equipment for Aiut Alpin

Aerolite’s dedicated lightweight EMS equipment for Aiut Alpin 17 Dec, 14, Source: Aerolite

Ennetbürgen, Switzerland – Aerolite is pleased to announce the new dedicated lightweight EMS equipment for EC135 T3/P3!

The requirements of Aiut Alpin showed the need for a dedicated, lightweight EMS equip-ment designed specifically for the new EC135 T3/P3 helicopter.
Aerolite has developed an EMS equipment which allows different seat and stret-cher configurations, easy access to their specific medical device installations and which is very light (less than 95kg).
Since all seat, stretcher and medical device installations are quick-release, the time to re-configure the helicopter from EMS to PAX and vice versa is very short.

Aerolite Max Bucher AG is a privately owned company, which was founded 1995 by Max Bucher and being represented in Europe and North America. Aerolite is a leader in design, engineering, production and installation of state-of-the-art Corporate/VIP and Air Medical interiors for the major OEM’s and scene rescue-, intensive care- and SAR providers worldwide. The company holds EASA DOA, POA and MOA approvals and is ISO 9001, EN9100 and ISO 13485 certified.

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