Phoenix Heli-Flight expands NORTH FDM technology to single engine fleet

Phoenix Heli-Flight expands NORTH FDM technology to single engine fleet

22-Dec-2014 Source: NORTH Flight Data Systems

North Flight Data Systems, LLC (NORTH FDS) is pleased to announce that they have entered into an agreement with Phoenix Heli-Flight to equip their EC130 and AS350B3 helicopters with their integrated flight data system. NORTH FDS has applied to Transport Canada for validation of their AS350/EC130B4 FAA STC, which will cover AS350B3 and EC130B4 installations. The first Canadian installations will be performed on the EC130 and AS350B3 owned and operated by Phoenix Heli-Flight in Ft McMurray.

The flight data system is comprised of a Voice and Video Recorder (CV2R), Multi-function Data Acquisition Unit (MFDAU) and Quick Access Recorder (QAR). The North system is the first affordable Lightweight Aircraft Photo: Mike Reyno Recorder System (LARS) that is fully integrated into the Airbus helicopters. The system far exceeds the recent ED155 data capture guidelines and enables the operator to record almost 100 engine and airframe parameters, as well as six (6) individual audio channels with the video recording. The system has been STC’d on seven different helicopter models and has been installed in over 175 aircraft. The recorded airframe and engine data is supplemented by an internal Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS) data stream and can capture hook load or other accessory equipment data.

The agreement includes the upgrade to the new integrated Outerlink IP satcom system powered by ViaSat Inc., as announced at the recent Air Medical Transport Conference. The new IRIS system will incorporate the first commercial rotorcraft use of real-time situational awareness technology. This will allow customers to receive 10- second position reports, which include immediate alerts and warnings about vehicle condition and operation. The new IP network allows for an uninterrupted connection and gives customers constant access to their aircraft including multicast packet voice-based Push To Talk (PTT). Contacting your helicopter will be as easy as dialing an extension on your office phone!

Paul Spring, President of Phoenix Heli-Flight commented, “Since Phoenix first installed HFDM & CVVR equipment in our fleet in 2008, I have been looking for the next meaningful advancement in light and affordable recorders that would provide airframe and engine parametric data to complete the knowledge we gain from basic geospatial data. I know the maintenance and safety benefits first hand and I won’t operate a helicopter without data recorders. I am extremely grateful that North Flight Data Systems is willing to acquire a Canadian STC to allow us to install this vital equipment in our EC130 as well as our AS350B3.”

“This expansion into Paul’s single engine fleet represents the first of many FAA STCs we will have validated in Canada,” said NORTH FDS President Jeff Warner. “Once again, Paul is setting the standard with fully integrated recorders, and it is just another example of the forward thinking he brings to the Canadian market. By adding the new Outerlink IRIS broadband satcom we will be able to provide the economical connectivity for voice and data in one box. The virtual live system monitoring coupled with a global PTT radio finally gives operators the connectivity they have been asking for. We recognize that operators have an enormous investment in their legacy fleets and our STCs allow them to equally equip their new and existing aircraft. We add a comprehensive software suite to couple our hardware with their communications, tracking and FOQA needs.”

About NORTH Flight Data Systems – With operations in Shreveport, LA, NORTH Flight Data Systems,LLC is a world class technology company dedicated to the design, manufacture, and distribution of the most advanced safety product line and services in the general aviation industry. NORTH FDS provides the most comprehensive LARS technology and a suite of software for the fixed and rotor wing community. NORTH currently holds STC’s for most of the Airbus single and light twins as well as the Bell 407 and 407GX helicopters.

About Phoenix Heli-Flight – Phoenix Heli-Flight Inc. is a privately owned charter helicopter company operating since 1991 with its main base adjacent to Fort McMurray International Airport (CYMM), Alberta, Canada. Phoenix Heli-Flight operates a fleet of ten single and twin turbine engine light elicopters and prides itself in offering newer, well equipped aircraft. Phoenix Heli-Flight services a wide variety of industries including; environmental monitoring, resource exploration, wildlife surveys, utilities, oil and gas, forestry, construction, infrastructure maintenance, corporate transport, general transportation of personnel and freight and wildfire
suppression. Phoenix also provides Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to Ft. McMurray and surrounding area. Phoenix is audited to OGP standards and utilizes an SMS, HFDM, CVR, Video and satellite tracking as tools for quality assurance. As a founding member of the Global Helicopter Flight Data Monitoring Steering Group, Phoenix Heli-Flight knows first-hand the maintenance, training, and safety benefits of collecting operational flight data.

About ViaSat – ViaSat creates satellite and other wireless networking systems that efficiently deliver the most bandwidth for fast, secure, and high-performance communications to any location for consumers, governments,
enterprises, and the military. ViaSat also offers communication system design and a number of complementary products and technologies. Based in Carlsbad, California, ViaSat employs over 3,300 people in a number of locations worldwide for technology development, customer service, and network operations.

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