Universal Helicopters complete 260 pilot certificates/ratings in 2014

Universal Helicopters complete 260 pilot certificates/ratings in 2014 12 Jan, 15, Source: UHI

Universal Helicopters with 7 locations in 5 different states (Arizona, Utah, Kansas, California, and Texas) is proud to announce that they have completed an impressive 260 pilot certificates and ratings (Private through CFII in 2014). UHI is also proud of the fact that they have entered their 11th year with no Incidents, Accidents or Crashes.

2015 marks the beginning of Universal Helicopters 11th year, which includes nearly 28,000 flight training hours, at their 7 locations in 2014 alone. UHI has raised the standards and expectations of their flight instructors by constant and relentless mentoring and monitoring by its Management Team and Directors. Using the Robinson R22 for a majority of the primary training, and having schools at 2 airports above 7000-9000’ Density Altitude for much of the year, UHI is steadfast in its belief, that their 3 day Safety Seminar, training methods and procedures develop by their company President and his staff, are the most important factors regarding their accident free safety record.

Dr. Gordon A Jiroux, President and CEO of UHI, stated “with safety, quality and accident free flying as our primary focus each and every day, we believe that we have been successful in changing the standards and expectations of safety, regarding flight training and helicopter safety.

Kurt Robinson, President of Robinson Helicopter Company, “We are proud to share in Universal Helicopter’s phenomenal success and most importantly their ongoing commitment to safety”.

Dr. Frank Ayers, Chancellor Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, “the key element in our decision to partner with UHI 5 years ago was the strong safety culture and commitment to the safety of our students. Embry Riddle and UHI share this vital commitment and it remains the cornerstone of our incredibly successful relationship. Congratulations UHI!”

Anthony Lyons, Vice President of Community & Industry Relations at Dodge City Community College commented, “We feel privileged with regards our 7 year partnership with Universal Helicopters. Universal Helicopters President and CEO, Gordon Jiroux, has established a culture of safety that is unprecedented in the helicopter flight training industry. Dr. Gordon Jiroux is not just our contractor, he is a full-fledged partner who uses his business genius to improve the safety and the quality of every organization he is in operations with. Having such a high-quality and safe college degree program, we at Dodge City Community College could not be any more proud of our relationship with Universal Helicopters program”.

Kurt Barnhart, Aviation Department Head at Kansas State University stated, “Kansas State University is a proud partner with Universal Helicopters as our helicopter flight training provider; we chose them because they are simply the best in this business and with over 10 years of crash free flight training, their record proves it. A record like that is unique in the helicopter training business.”

V. Carson Pearce, Aerospace Director Texas State Technical College stated, “As a retired Army Aviation Safety Officer, I’ve worked with units that strove to attain a “zero” flight accident rate. It’s a tough job that requires diligence, dedication and constant vigilance. UHI’s safety program not only has all the elements of what is found in military safety programs, but in my opinion, they have gone one step further – they “breathe” safety in each and every action, procedure and instructional period they do. Safety, therefore, is not a chore – it is a normal part of UHI’s day.”

As his CFI rating spans over a 32 year period, Dr. Jiroux’s own crash free career, adds to his non tolerant attitude regarding any crashes as a flight instructor or a pilot. He believes that Proper training methods and procedures along with good ADM can substantially reduce and even eliminate accidents. His dedication to safety and his Passion for Perfection has allowed him to assemble and develop a flight training team, who are dedicated to the “No Crashes Policy” at Universal Helicopters.
Dr. Jiroux stated that, “our belief is that all Training Crashes are avoidable with the proper, ADM & training techniques in place. At Universal Helicopters we are making an all-out effort to remain accident free.

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