Conklin & De Decker Announces 2015 State Tax Guide For General Aviaton

Conklin & De Decker Announces 2015 State Tax Guide For General Aviaton 13 Feb, 15, Source: Conklin & de Decker

Conklin & de Decker announces the release of their 2015 State Tax Guide for General Aviation (“State Tax Guide”).Packed full of critical tax information, the State Tax Guide is a must-have reference tool for helicopter and fixed-wing operators, accountants, dealers, brokers, aviation law professionals, and others. The State Tax Guide contains the latest taxes and fees imposed on general aviation in all fifty states and it addresses the sales and use taxes applicable to aircraft sales, ownership, leases, parts, and labor.

The State Tax Guide is an indispensable tool as states are looking for ways in 2015 to “enhance their revenues”. As the states continue to make tax changes in their laws and statutes that affect general aviation, Conklin & de Deckerdoes all the research, saving subscriber’s valuable time and keeping them current on all state tax law changes.Subscribing to the State Tax Guide alsoprovides access to the most thorough general aviation state tax information with continuous updates andsupport throughout the year.

Included in the State Tax Guide are common exemptions from the state sales and/or use taxes such as common carrier, occasional sales, fly-away and trade-in credits. Applicable registration fees, personal property taxes, jet fuel and even aviation gasoline taxes are also covered. In addition to tax data, contact information for the Departments of Revenue and Aviation in each state is included. The State Tax Guide is PC based and has the ability to compare 3 states side by side which enables users to quickly compare tax rates and exemptions for the selected states.

State Tax Guidesubscribers are able to stay up to date on any state tax lawchanges that occur through the “View Update” section and sort updates by date or message and they can be printed for easy reference. In addition, subscribers are now ableto access each state through “STG – On the Go!” via the Conklin & de Decker website with a mobile device, such as a smart phone or tablet.

“State tax laws change suddenly and can really impact your aviation operation,” stated Nel Stubbs, vice president for Conklin & de Decker and veteran tax consultant. “The Conklin & de Decker State Tax Guide for General Aviation is an essential tool where we do all the research for you and make it easy to access, saving you time and keeping you current on all state tax changes,” added Ms. Stubbs.

The State Tax Guide for 2015 is available now. A one-year subscription is $450 and is downloadable from the Conklin & de Decker website enabling subscribers to have instant access to this valuable data. In addition, the subscriber receives downloadable updates throughout the year.

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