Esterline CMC Electronics Promotes its Leading Edge Avionics

Esterline CMC Electronics Promotes its Leading Edge Avionics

4-Mar-2015 Source: Esterline

Esterline CMC Electronics (CMC) is showcasing its high-performance avionics systems at this year’s Heli-Expo in Booth # 4037.

New to the Esterline CMC exhibit this year is the CMA-6800 LCD display, which is a form, fit and functional replacement for legacy CRT units. The CMA-6800 display offers significant improvements in reliability and readability. With this retrofit solution, there is minimal kit and downtime required, thereby ensuring a quick conversion. The CMA-6800 has hardware built-in provisions for growth for additional display capability, both through an internal central processing unit and additional interfaces. The unit retains the use of existing symbol generators and Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS) controllers, and aircrew retraining is not required. Along with minimizing the cost of the retrofit, CMC’s new LCD display units will enable operators to minimize the impact on current operations and get the most out of their current installed systems.

Of special note this year, Esterline acquired the Barco N.V. Defense, Aerospace and Training business in January and is showcasing a selection of former Barco avionics products. These include the MDU-268 6×8 inch avionics-grade Mission Display Unit and FDU-2108 Flight Display Unit.

Avionics Products on Display

The CMA-5024 high-integrity aviation SBAS LP/LPV Landing System Sensor now includes helicopter hover hold capability. The CMA-5024 has been certified by the FAA and Transport Canada for stand-alone or fully integrated with the company’s CMA-9000 Flight Management System LP/LPV (Localizer Performance/LP with Vertical Guidance) approach operations. The helicopter hover hold capability is a unique CMA-5024 function that is used to stabilize and precisely maintain safe helicopter hover operations from SAR operations to controlling sling loads anywhere in the world. In addition, this sensor is certified compatible with SBAS globally (WAAS, EGNOS, GAGAN, MSAS, etc…) and can provide LP/LPV approach capability wherever LP/LPV is supported. The CMA-5024 is provisioned for growth to GBAS (Ground-Based Augmentation System) with a built-in VHF Data Broadcast (VDB) receiver.

The CMA-5025 Satellite Landing System Control Panel is an optional Control Panel designed to complement the CMA-5024 SBAS receiver. It allows the CMA-5024 to be installed as a stand-alone system, fully independent of all avionics systems. Alternately, the CMA-5024 can be fully integrated with a Flight Management System such as Esterline CMC’s CMA-9000 FMS.

PilotView® Electronic Flight Bags improve productivity by enabling pre-flight planning and efficient access to aircraft documentation, checklists and flight planning information. PilotView increases situational awareness in-flight with approach charts, moving maps, Enhanced Vision System display and graphical real time weather information. PilotView is a compact, lightweight system with a display/processor unit and aircraft interface unit which are to easy to install in a variety of cockpits where space is at a premium.

Compact TacView® Portable Mission Display facilitates airborne mission effectiveness through improved real-time situational awareness and paperless cockpit applications. TacView offers a rugged, NVG compatible smart display interface for real-time communications. It can display full-size instrument approach charts, moving maps and checklists. Its super bright, sunlight readable display features an integrated sliding keyboard, film-on-glass touch sensitive screen and bezel keys that provide an exceptional level of operator interface flexibility.

The MDU-268 is an avionics-grade 6×8 inch Mission Display Unit derived from the field-proven CHDD product family. The MDU-268 has both a digital video input (DVI) and most of the currently available analog video inputs (Composite, RGB, STANAG,…). Equipped with state-of-the-art sunlight-readable AMLCD technology, the MDU-268 delivers excellent brightness and contrast values as well as a wide viewing angle of 80° in all directions. It allows the same unit to be used in portrait as well as landscape mode.

Compatible with FLIR, daylight video cameras, moving maps, computers and radar, the MDU-268 Display Unit offers a dedicated imaging solution, wherever the mission. The unit is DO-178B and DO-254 certified up to level C for the DVI input. A unique feature of the MDU is the availability of a PC-based configuration tool which allows configuration of the input sources and coupled HMI and enables the reuse of the exact same part number in all installations.

A new derivative of the MDU is currently under development. The MDU-268 v2 will feature an HD-SDI (SMPTE-292M) digital video input and a DAL C PCAP-based multi-touch touchscreen. This will make it the perfect display component for DAL-C digital map and camera systems.

The FDU-2108 Display is an all-new, advanced 10×8 inch Flight Display Unit for use aboard turboprop aircraft, light jets and light helicopters. The FDU-2108 is designed to integrate seamlessly into any digital Electronic Flight Instrument System.

With a weight of only 2.1 kg (4.6 lb), this display is the lightest in its class. Equipped with the latest, sunlight-readable Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display and LED backlight technology, the FDU-2108 provides exceptionally high brightness and contrast, which have become the hallmark of these avionics displays. The innovative FDU-2108 display is level A DO-178B and DO-254 certified. It can be used as a Primary Flight Display (in combination with an external symbol generator) in almost any type of aircraft. The use of advanced electronics results in a very compact footprint and low power consumption

Esterline CMC Electronics ( designs and produces leading technology electronics products for the aviation markets. CMC’s focus is on delivering innovative cockpit systems integration and avionics solutions to its customers worldwide. Its principal locations are in Montreal, Quebec; Ottawa, Ontario; and Chicago, Illinois. CMC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Esterline Corporation (NYSE:ESL,, a specialized aerospace and defense company headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, that employs about 13,000 people worldwide.

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