Rolls-Royce Recognizes StandardAero for Customer Satisfaction and Total Quality

Rolls-Royce Recognizes StandardAero for Customer Satisfaction and Total Quality 4 Mar, 15, Source: StandardAero

StandardAero was the recipient of two awards at the Rolls-Royce FIRST Network Recognition Reception, held as part of Rolls-Royce’s attendance at this year’s HAI HELI-EXPO in Orlando, Florida. The awards recognize authorized maintenance service centers that provide MRO services for M250 helicopter engines. This is the unprecedented sixth year in a row that StandardAero has received at least one award at the annual Rolls-Royce FIRST Network Recognition Reception.

Specifically, the awards were the Rolls-Royce Customer Satisfaction Award and the Rolls-Royce Total Quality Award.

The Rolls-Royce Customer Satisfaction Award recognizes those facilities with the highest customer satisfaction ratings based on customer letters, self monitoring, performance, 3rd party monitoring and surveys, etc. As part of the award, StandardAero was recognized for its 100% “likely to recommend” score from its independent, external customer satisfaction survey provider. This is the sixth consecutive year that the company was recognized with a customer satisfaction award.

The Rolls-Royce Total Quality Award recognizes those facilities that have implemented a program focusing on improving the internal and external processes that will have a direct effect on customer service. StandardAero won this award for its implementation of an electronic shop ordering system that improves the flow of work in maintenance shops, reduces paperwork, automates manual processes and ultimately – reduces turnaround time for engine maintenance.

“Winning these awards is like the Oscar night for Rolls-Royce helicopter engine MRO services,” said Manny Atwal, Vice President, Helicopters, StandardAero. “Our entire team is proud to receive this recognition, but more importantly, we are pleased with the overall relationship and trusted service partnership with Roll-Royce and helicopter operators worldwide.”

StandardAero has been a long-time, legacy partner servicing the Rolls-Royce M250 engine for nearly 50 years and is one of the oldest, largest and broadest capability organizations in the Rolls-Royce FIRST Network. With six Helicopter MRO locations around the world, StandardAero provides engine support capacity close to the market with strong central support services.

Visit StandardAero at Booth 3232 at the HAI HELI-EXPO March 3-5 in Orlando Florida.

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