Avionica miniQAR recorder now installed in over 75 Helicopters

Avionica miniQAR recorder now installed in over 75 Helicopters

10-Mar-2015 Source: Avionica

Avionica, a satellite communications equipment manufacturer known for its multiple safety certifications for airliners, announced today that its suite of mini-Quick Access Recorders (miniQAR) are now installed on more than 75 helicopters and most are streaming data over the company’s 3G/4G cellular module.

Speaking from the 2015 Heli Expo Conference in Orlando, Avionica vice president of engineering Simone Drakes said, “The light weight miniQAR is being recognized as the perfect solution to capturing aircraft data on helicopters. From the Swiss Air Force to the U.S. military to aircraft used in oil rig operations, increased data capture is becoming a requirement for all types of analysis. Availability of flight data spawns new ways to improve safety and operations.” Drakes is a Federal Aviation Administration’s designated engineering representative (DER).

Anthony Rios, vice president of sales, said, “Avionica’s products solve today’s real world problems of helicopter operators. But it is our avSYNC flight data analysis service where the real value resides in installing this equipment. We guarantee all flight data uploaded within 24 hours or less of flight operations. And we have a rotorcraft customer in China who is demonstrating success with avSYNC today.”

Avionica’s Mini QAR MARK III weighs just 8 ounces and full installation weight is under 3 pounds. The Mark II and Mark III products are installed and capturing data on more than 7,000 aircraft today.

Avionica also has a suite of satLINK products using the current Iridium constellation. Avionica’s recent FAA certifications of its satLINK MAX demonstrated compliance with the FAA’s Advisory Circular AC20-140B guidance for Air Traffic Services (ATS) Data Link Communication systems, including Controller Pilot Data link Communications (CPDLC) and automatic dependent surveillance -Contract (ADS-C). The satLINK MAX approval also established compliance to Advisory Circular AC20-150A guidance for ATS satellite Voice and its adherence to the stringent RTCA/DO-262A Minimum Operational Performance Standard required to support FANS 1/A over Iridium operations (FOI).

In addition to enabling FANS 1/A over Iridium, Avionica’s satLINK MAX could satisfy recent recommendations by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and International Air Transport Association (IATA) for a Global Aircraft Tracking System by leveraging its four Iridium transceivers to simultaneously provide multiple voice and data services with a single dual-element antenna. Typical applications include two flight deck voice channels, one FOI datalink channel, and one voice and data capable cabin service channel.

Avionica’s ground support products, airborne products and flight data management services are highly regarded for their innovation, safety and affordability. With approximately 20 percent market share in the air transport sector, Avionica created a market for value oriented aerospace data equipment with the Mini Quick Access Recorder (QAR), the industry’s first miniature data recording device. Avionica applies advances in technology, business practices and AS9100C manufacturing processes to create products that are twice as capable at half the weight.

About Avionica

Founded in 1992 and headquartered in Miami, Avionica is the world’s leading data collection and data transmission manufacturer, designing and producing innovative, safety-qualified, affordable solutions that are revolutionizing air transportation. Committed to the highest standards, Avionica has earned 17 Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) from the FAA and multiple certification approvals from Canada, EASA and China and is approved on more than 250 models of aircraft under the FAA’s Approved Model List (AML).  For more information, please visit www.avionica.com.

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