LORD Corporation’s Active Vibration Control System Selected for KUH EMS Helicopter

LORD Corporation’s Active Vibration Control System Selected for KUH EMS Helicopter

10-Mar-2015 Source: LORD

LORD Corporation has announced the award of an Active Vibration Control System (AVCS) contract with Korea Aerospace Industries, LTD. (KAI) for the KUH MEDEVAC variant of the successful KUH Surion.

LORD will qualify its AVCS system design and manufacture the AVCS system for the new aircraft.  The technology operates through the use of accelerometers that measure aircraft vibration levels. Signals are sent to a centralized computer that runs a software algorithm that interprets the data and sends commands to force generators located throughout the aircraft. These force generators create “anti-vibration” that stops the progression of vibration due to the main rotor.

KAI selected LORD as the active vibration control supplier on the MEDEVAC variant in late 2014. Bill Cerami, president, LORD Aerospace and Defense, stated that the company is thrilled to work with KAI on this high-profile platform. “Our equipment recently completed critical design review and we are in the process of delivering the first ship-set of prototype hardware by mid-year,” said Cerami.

According to Bernie Chan, marketing and sales director for LORD Global Aerospace & Defense in Asia, LORD Corporation’s AVCS has proven to reduce vibration in the helicopter fuselage generated by the main rotor. “Our AVCS provides state-of-the-art, steady-state and transient vibration control,” said Chan. “As a vibration solution provider, we offer both turn-key AVCS as well as AVCS components.” KAI is targeting 2018 for first fielding on this variant.

About Korea Aerospace Industries

Korea Aerospace Industries Ltd. is established integrated corporate Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) in 1999 to foster and enhance the national aerospace industry and the international competitiveness of the aerospace industry by the national policy. Korea Government led the three companies (Samsung, Hyundai, Daewoo) to merge and integrate in aerospace industry. KAI has it’s headquarter located in Sacheon and operates Seoul office and Daejeon R&D center. The employee is around 3,000 and more than 50% of them are engineers and technicians. Business of KAI is manufacturing KT-1 Trainer & KA-1 Light Attack (Development: 1988 ~ 1998, Production: 1999 ~ 2006 / Total over 104 units), TA-50 Advanced Trainer Jet & FA-50 Light Attack Jet (Development: 1997 ~ 2006, Production: 2003 ~ 2012 / Total over 142 units), Multipurpose Utility Helicopter named as KUH and its derivates (Development: 2006 ~ 2013, Production: 2011 ~ up to 250units), And other business is Upgrade & Modification, MRO : Lynx, CH-53, P-3 and  Aero structures : International co-development, Airframe and also, Space Business : Satellite & Satellite Imagery.

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