Bristow Leads in New TiltRotor Technology

Bristow Leads in New TiltRotor Technology

24-Mar-2015 Source: Bristow

Our customers push boundaries. Whether you’re exploring new terrain for the world’s energy needs or reaching others in need of rescue, we understand the demand for safer, faster, more cost-effective transportation. That’s why Bristow has partnered with Finmeccanica – AgustaWestland to develop the AW609 TiltRotor, an incredible aircraft that flies like a plane, but with the vertical lift, landing and hover capabilities of a helicopter. It has the potential to revolutionize offshore and remote travel, search and rescue missions and even everyday transportation in urban environments.

Equipped with both fixed-wing and helicopter technology, the AW609 is larger and faster than traditional helicopters, yet deftly maneuvers difficult flying conditions and comfortably seats up to nine passengers in a pressurized cabin. The value of these features resonates with Jonathan Baliff, Bristow president and CEO. “With its vertical lift and landing capabilities combined with increased speed, extended range and airline-style amenities,” Baliff says, “Bristow will be able to provide more value to clients by offering complete logistics solutions with one aircraft type that will take them faster and farther offshore.”

This initial agreement between AgustaWestland and Bristow serves as a crucial milestone in the aircraft’s road to FAA certification. Our two companies expect certification in 2017, and when it happens, the AW609 will be the first commercial TiltRotor on the market.

As our clients’ demands for integrated point-to-point transportation increases, Bristow and AgustaWestland envision AW609 as the next generation of efficient aircraft transport for customers across multiple industries. Its speed and payload capabilities could mean the difference between failure and success for everyone from med-evac teams to hostile environment exploration crews and beyond.

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