PZL Swidnik issues statement regarding Polish military selection

PZL Swidnik issues statement regarding Polish military selection

27-Apr-2015 Source: PZL Swidnik

PZL Swidnik have issued the following statement in Polish language – the following is an electronic translation

1. PZL Swidnik states that so far made ​​public by the President of the social media company information on the proposed delivery of the first helicopter in 2017 by PZL-Swidnik are true. In this way, the content of PZL-Swidnik offer corresponds to the expectations of the Purchaser in terms of delivery dates. 

2. The information provided in social media related to public MON stawianego by the claim that the first deliveries of helicopters from PZL-Swidnik were to take place in 2019 years. President of PZL-Swidnik refer only to this plea defending the good name of the company and ensuring the right information delivered to the public, and his statements referred exclusively to the date that has been erroneously stated by the representatives of the Ministry of National Defence. 

3. At the same time denying allegedly offered by our company AW149 civil helicopter was because it is the only military structure, which has been a military type certificate No. 083 as part of the certification carried out by the Directorate of Air Armaments and capabilities to Flight of the Italian Ministry of Defense, according to the latest standards in force in NATO. 

4. Due to the fact that the tender for the supply of multi-role helicopters for the Armed Forces is a very complex, containing several thousand pages of a document explaining the details should not be the subject of public debate, unless the Defense Ministry has decided to photograph the clause “reserved” with the tender documents.

 5 . In the opinion of PZL-Swidnik submitted offer is in line with the requirements of the tender was made ​​in good faith, and the proposed solution is used as the most complete satisfaction of the requirements of ambitious Polish army. 

6. The challenge was waiting for MON innovative and avant-garde design, providing, in a single platform, the 4 different types of missions adopted with interest. The answer to such a requirement, which is not currently able to meet any of the existing helicopters in the world can only be a far-reaching range of customization and the PZL-Swidnik made. We have taken this challenge in good faith, in order to ensure the Polish Armed Forces equipment for their needs. In our view, there is a misinterpretation of our offer, which resulted in the exclusion of PZL-Swidnik from further participation in the tender procedure. 

7. Proposed by PZL-Swidnik product is the most modern helicopter in its class, the safest for soldiers and ensure the greatest comfort pilots, and judging from the information made ​​public by the representatives of the Ministry of National Defence is also a much cheaper option than the selected offer. 

8. We pick up with regret that the conduct of public discussion in a situation in which one party can not be fully informed about the details of the offer does not provide full transparency of the rules of the proceedings and, more importantly, make the public confusion and undermine the good image of our company which we are obliged to protect.Formal and complicated technical issues should be the domain of discussion lawyers and technical experts, as PZL-Swidnik is ready at any time. 

9. Please be advised that in the course of proceedings before an offer of nearly 300 questions we asked and received over 290 responses from the Employer. Our aim was to clarify our proposal and its compliance with the requirements of the tender. We laid after bid clarification on our offer 17 times, which seemed to us to be sufficient for the correct interpretation of the proposals made ​​by us.


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