3D Perception delivers display to CAE for UH-72A FTDs

3D Perception delivers display to CAE for UH-72A FTDs

30-Apr-2015 Source: 3D perception

3D perception, Inc. (“3DP”) today announced further deliveries of their Northstar™ immersive visual displays for CAE-built UH-72A Lakota Flight Training Devices (FTDs). In April, 3DP delivered two systems to the U.S. Army Aviation Center of Excellence (USAACE) in Fort Rucker, Alabama. Since 2013, this totals three deliveries to Fort Rucker and two to the Western ARNG Aviation Training Site (WAATS) near Tucson, Arizona.

The UH-72A FTD features 3DP’s Northstar visual display system (VDS) with a wide 200-degree by 75-degree field-of-view. The completely seamless VDS is automatically aligned and color calibrated via sensors embedded in the screen, expediting and simplifying maintenance procedures.

The UH-72A FTD features a helicopter specific cockpit with the fidelity and performance of a full-flight simulator without the full motion. CAE’s next-generation Medallion-6000 image generator immerses pilots in a high-fidelity synthetic training environment.

The UH-72A FTDs for the U.S. Army are fielded with the CAE-developed Common Database (CDB), enhancing the Army’s ability to leverage existing U.S. Government-owned databases to support their helicopter training requirements.

The CAE-built UH-72A flight training devices have been formally accredited by USAACE to certify that the devices can be used to train UH-72A rated crew members in the performance of critical training tasks. The accreditation determines the accuracy and realism of the simulation, and CAE’s UH-72A FTDs have surpassed the performance metrics established for this level of training device, thus allowing the Army to accomplish more training tasks in the UH-72A training devices than originally anticipated.

The UH-72A Lakota Helicopter

Developed by Airbus Group, the UH-72A Lakota is the U.S. Army’s multi-role light utility helicopter. The UH-72A Lakota entered service for the U.S. Army and National Guard beginning in 2007 and more than 300 helicopters have been delivered. The Army and National Guard use the UH-72A Lakota for a range of domestic missions, including homeland security, medical evacuation, drug interdiction, disaster relief and general utility support.

3DP’s Northstar Simulation Display System

3D perception’s advanced Northstar™ visual display solution combines an advanced rack-mount multi-projector display processor, nBox™, with 3DP Certified Projectors™ and image auto-alignment technologies in the form of Aurora™ sensor-instrumented smart screens, or StarScan™, a screen-independent, precision 3D scanner and imager. Northstar is Image Generator (IG) independent and requires no software on or modification to the users IG.

3D perception is showcasing their Northstar solution in Prague, Czech Republic, from April 28th – 30th at ITEC, Europe’s largest yearly simulation industry conference. For more info on ITEC, visit www.itec.co.uk.


3D perception supplies turn-key seamless visual display systems and technologies for defense and civilian simulation applications. Having fielded nearly 9,000 visual channels around the world, 3D perception is known as the industry leader and a trusted partner, dedicated to performance and quality, from design to installation and throughout the life cycle. For more information, visit www.3d-perception.com.

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