Helioffshore CEO promotes Inclusion, Engagement, And Delivery

Helioffshore CEO promotes Inclusion, Engagement, And Delivery

12-May-2015 Source: HeliOffshore

HeliOffshore Chief Executive Officer Gretchen Haskins, in closing remarks yesterday, commended “inclusion, engagement and delivery” to more than 150 leaders attending the Annual Conference and General Meeting of global offshore helicopter association, HeliOffshore.
Speaking at the inaugural HeliOffshore conference, Ms. Haskins told industry leaders that, with their commitment and collective might, the offshore helicopter industry has the momentum to drive collective aviation safety even higher.

“Focusing on the priorities that we know will make the biggest difference to safety, together we will meet our obligation to carry people safely to and from their workplaces every day,” said Mrs. Haskins.

“We have the best safety experts in our industry working on the things that will make a real impact in the front line, and when you put that together with the support from the top of each organisations, we can achieve great things.”

Progress on HeliOffshore priorities includes a commitment by the association to develop a ground-breaking pilot monitoring study which will determine how flight crew interact with complex automation in the cockpits of modern helicopters. The results will be used to improve pilot training by HeliOffshore members around the world.

The association has also made progress on better use of audits as a safety tool, driving use of best practice across the industry. Members are also collaborating on sharing safety data and creating common standards.

Chairman of HeliOffshore, Mr. Bill Chiles, welcomed helicopter operators from five continents, manufacturers, oil and gas companies, regulators, helicopter leasing companies and other stakeholders.

“HeliOffshore is already helping to further improve safety and share best practice around the globe,” said Mr. Chiles. “While the industry will continue to compete vigorously on commercial issues, we are putting competition aside to collaborate on safety.”

During the Annual General Meeting, the association elected two new board members to its Board: Mr. Josiah Choms, Chief Executive Officer of Caverton Helicopters and General Tan Sri Muhammad Ismail bin Jamaluddin, Chairman of Weststar Aviation Services in Malaysia.

“The Board of HeliOffshore will continue to consider the perspectives of a wide range of offshore helicopter operations. We will track delivery to make sure HeliOffshore is delivering on its commitments and enabling collaboration across our industry to deliver safety benefits for everyone we serve,” said Mr. Chiles.

Mr. Mark Stevens, Chairman of the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers Aviation sub-Committee, reinforced the offshore industry’s commitment to collaborate on safety.

“We can and must do more to ensure the safety of the offshore workforce. HeliOffshore will help us to do that,” said Mr. Stevens.
HeliOffshore is focused on six priority areas, each of which was discussed in detail during the conference:

• Automation
• Operational Performance Monitoring
• Flight Path Monitoring
• Application of Health and Usage Monitoring
• Information Exchange
• Operational Standards

About HeliOffshore

HeliOffshore is dedicated to constantly improving offshore helicopter safety around the world. HeliOffshore was founded by five leading helicopter services operators, and membership is open to any enterprise with a stake in offshore flight – and a determination to make it ever safer.

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