Belgium puts NH90 into operation

Belgium puts NH90 into operation

21-May-2015 Source: Belgium Defense

[electronic translation] The new NH90 helicopters of the Defence be ready to conduct operations in a ‘friendly’ environment. At the airbase of Beauvechain, the commander of the Air Component May 20, the 18th squadron officially ‘initial operational capable’ explained.

“We are pleased that we now have a new operational capability,” said Major General Frederik Vansina aviator, commander of the Air Component. “With the Sea Kings we could only perform rescues at sea. Now we can also, for example land units. The helicopter can transport heavy equipment.”

In the barracks of Bevekom have the pilots of the NH90 demonstrated what can their device, based on a fictitious scenario. Some insurgents held in three orange containers captured an important politician. By descend quickly from the stationary helicopter flying on a string (fast roping) and to have hoisted himself back (hoisting) the soldiers could quickly free the prisoner.

“With the NH90 we can easily drop people in places where it is impossible to countries on roofs or vessels for example,” explains Captain aviator Bart Vanhauwaert out. He is one of the ten pilots who can fly with the NH90. “We can even heavy loads to carry four tonnes below the helicopter, useful in humanitarian aid.” Currently there are no surgeries scheduled, but if there is a political decision, the helicopters are available.

However, the NH90 will pass by the end of next year fully operational. “We need to bring the weapons in order so that we can deploy the helicopters also in enemy territory.” Currently, if a helicopter evacuating people and transporting troops or carrying heavy loads.

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