Salmon Rivers Helicopters to sponsor website

Salmon Rivers Helicopters to sponsor website

8-Jun-2015 Source: Altitude Aviation Service

Altitude Aviation Service is pleased to announce that Salmon Rivers Helicopters has become a sponsor of the website’s UH-1 Operators page.

Salmon River Helicopters (SRH) was established in 1993 by Guy and Cindy Carlson in Riggins, Idaho.  Guy and Cindy Carlson have an outstanding safety record with no accidents since the company started 22 years ago.  The company has developed into a true family operation with daughters Christy Frisby, Cassie Carlson and son Cody Carlson serving as company pilots while daughter Niki Schacher handles company operations.

Salmon River Helicopters conducts a variety of aerial operations nationwide including: power line construction, fire fighting, fire rehabilitation/stabilization, agricultural services, heavy lift construction, concrete transport, repeater placement, remote non-schedule freight delivery, logging, and much more.

SRH operates two UH-1F helicopters with Lycoming T53-L-703 engines installations.  This upgrade, completed with Tamarack STC # SR01349LA, increases performance at high altitudes and in high temperatures.

The T53-L-13B engines that the aircraft had installed previously performed at 1400 horsepower which proved to be extremely reliable but were found to be underpowered at high elevations and hot temperatures. The upgraded T53-L-703 at 1800 horsepower solved this problem.  This additional 400 horsepower provides the needed power at high altitudes yet still maintains the extraordinary reliability of the proven T53 engine installed on the Bell UH-1F.

This boost to 1800SHP increases UH1F helicopter performance by 28% and allow it to outperform all other  UH-1helicopters on the market due to footprint size and weight differences between the airframes. The UH-1F, with a shorter cabin and lower weight, can now outperform the UH-1H by hundreds of pounds from Sea Level to Hot Temperature & High Altitude projects.

Salmon River Helicopters works on projects nationwide.  Salmon River Helicopters can be contacted at 208-628-3133, check out their webpage at where you can follow them on their Facebook page where they post amazing pictures and video of their most recent projects.

The website was created at the request of owners, operators, and maintenance personnel to keep the UH-1 industry informed of maintenance issues and provide support to the UH-1 community.   Thank you Salmon River Helicopters and the Carlson family for supporting our goal of keeping the most successful aircraft in rotorcraft history flying safely!

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