Aero Asahi and Chiba Hokusoh Hospital mark 10,000th MD Explorer EMS mission

Aero Asahi and Chiba Hokusoh Hospital mark 10,000th MD Explorer EMS mission

15-Jul-2015 Source: MD Helicopters

MD Helicopters, Inc. (MDHI) and authorized MDHI Sales Agent AeroPartners, Inc. join in congratulating Aero-Asahi corporation (AAC), the largest helicopter operator in Japan, and Chiba Hokusoh Hospitalfor the achievement of 10,000 EMS missions flown exclusively by the MD 902. Aero-Asahi is an authorized MDHI Service Center and operates nine (9) MD 900/902 Explorers, with six (6) in full-time operation as HEMS aircraft.

“We are very proud to celebrate this achievement with Hokusoh Hospital and the teams at Aero Asahi and AeroPartners,” said Nick Nenadovic,Vice President, Aftermarket and Customer Support for MD Helicopters, Inc. “The incredible performance of this aircraft since its inaugural flight in 2001 is a testament not only to the quality production and reliability of the aircraft, but to a shared commitment to exceptional customer support and flawless execution.”

With Doctor-Heli, Aero-Asahi has been involved in building a HEMS system in Japan since the dawn of the industry. In 2001, Chiba Hokusoh Hospital became one of the first hospitals to participate in Japan’s national HEMS program, operating the MD 902 since day one. Today, they are one of 45 hospitals across Japan with active HEMS programs and respond to more than 1,000 calls each year.

“Hospital HEMS programs enable medical teams to begin emergency treatment on-site,” said an Aero Asahi Corporation spokesperson, “and the MD 902 Explorer is a perfect platform for the Doctor-Heliprogram for so many reasons. Chief among these are the safety and low noise profile of the NOTAR System, the wide cabin and customizable, easy-to-use EMS interior, and FADEC technology that allows for quick start engines.”

Hokusoh Hospital’s 10,000th mission was flown on April 18, 2015.

“This partnership with AeroPartners and Aero-Asahi, and their impeccable day-to-day support of Hokusoh Hospital, has undoubtedly saved thousands of lives over the years. It is an honor to know our aircraft has helped play a part in that,” Nenadovic concludes.

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