ASU Adds Manned Aircraft Platform for OWLS

ASU Adds Manned Aircraft Platform for OWLS 15 Jul, 15, Source: ASU

From the Airborne Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) annual convention held in Houston Texas, Aviation Specialties Unlimited Inc., (ASU) announced the OWLS system is now being offered as an affordable gimbal for manned aircraft platforms. Originally designed to be lightweight for coupling with an aerial drone or unmanned aircraft, the OWLS system has proven to be rugged enough to be added directly to aircraft.

“Part of our goal at ASU is to develop versatile products that can be utilized in numerous platforms,” said ASU President Jim Winkel. “The OWLS is a prime example of that. We have had great feedback since we unveiled the OWLS system at the Helicopter Association International HELI EXPO annual convention. The next logical step for ASU was to offer the OWLS for both UAV and Aircraft use.”

OWLS is an affordable surveillance system that incorporates a high performance day/night imager with an option to image combine with an uncooled thermal camera. OWLS is ideal for platforms requiring a lightweight visible/infrared day/night imaging system.

For additional information and introductory pricing for OWLS visit (

About ASU:

Aviation Specialties Unlimited (ASU), was established in 1995 to meet the growing demand for aviation night vision systems. Since that time, the company has earned a reputation as a leading innovator in aviation night vision imaging system design, manufacturing, installation, certification, sales, training and service.  ASU continues to invest in the development of innovative products and solutions. In 2014, ASU began expanding its corporate headquarters and staff to better serve customers around the world who operate in the air, on land, and by sea.

About OWLS:

The OWLS system is a single sensor gimbal that has day/night capabilities, weighs less than two pounds, and consumes less than five watts of power. The OWLS system operates from -20 degrees Celsius to +50 degrees Celsius. The four-inch diameter gimbal is 2-axis stabilized. It is capable of providing both infrared, night vision, and the smart fusion of these images.


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