Innovative new L.E.A.S.E. program creates affordable law enforcement aviation solution

Innovative new L.E.A.S.E. program creates affordable law enforcement aviation solution

15-Jul-2015 Source: Night Flight Concepts

Night Flight Concepts (NFC) has announced the beginning of L.E.A.S.E., Law Enforcement Air Support Entity. L.E.A.S.E. is a program designed to offer law enforcement agencies a path to new aircraft, state of the art support packages, and all of the latest equipment for an affordable price. As government budgets have become more constrained the ability of law enforcement agencies to gain and maintain airborne support has diminished while the need for these units has continued to grow.

NFC works thru a very simple process that is controlled by the law enforcement agency. The agency simply selects the aircraft of their choice based upon performance, mission needs and costs. Consideration of which aircraft to choose may also be based upon availability of the aircraft or other special needs that the agency is attempting to address.

“If there is a model aircraft that the agency determines they need, NFC will supply that aircraft,” said Night Flight Concepts CEO Dr. Gordon Jiroux. “NFC does not presume to know the desires of each individual agency when it comes to aircraft selection. We will use our expertise of aircraft and the airborne law enforcement mission to assist an agency but the aircraft selection is up to that agency.”

Once the agency selects the make and model of the aircraft they then select the level of support they want to receive to insure program success. The pricing of the support packages is very transparent and is completely controlled by the agency by selecting the support they need. NFC offers standard options such as experienced pilots, maintenance personnel and fleet augmentation as potential support options. They also offer pilot, maintenance, and management training for the agencies current personnel along with training for the agencies observers. NFC always encourages agencies to take advantage of their unique crew training courses where pilots and observers are allowed to learn to perform work together in a controlled training environment versus on the job training where failing to work together could lead to a catastrophic result.

“Our training is something we are very proud of,” says NFC President Adam Aldous. “We have been training law enforcement pilots and observers for years on the use of night vision goggles. We know that our new training solutions are something that will be of tremendous benefit. With the integration of the vast array of law enforcement equipment now in use we know that the technical knowledge of how to effectively use it all in a dark cockpit under stressful conditions is paramount to success. We bring the classroom and aircraft training together to benefit our customers.”

NFC has compiled some very unique support options that have not to date been found in the industry. They are not standard but rather are optional so are completely controlled by the agency. If the agency chooses one of these options they could guarantee aircraft availability at a level that reduces aircraft downtime to less than 72 hours. There is a HOTSHOT maintenance program available where NFC aircraft maintenance experts can deploy to an agency’s location to assist onsite maintenance with a difficult issue. There is an aircraft augmentation system available that creates a contracting mechanism and aircraft standby program allowing agencies to add aircraft, crews, maintenance or whatever might be needed during times of planned or unplanned additional needs. This may be something beneficial during events such as large conventions, the Super Bowl, or a natural disaster such as a hurricane or any other unusual event.

“We are very excited about the capability to provide these options never before seen,” said Adam Aldous, president of NFC. “We believe the more our customers are flying and supporting their jurisdictions the more our programs will grow.”

To take a tour about L.E.A.S.E., please visit the Night Flight Concepts booth #407 at the ALEA EXPO 2015, Houston, TX July 13-18 or visit or call Adam Aldous at (561) 339-0803.

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