HeliTrak Introduces Collective Pull Down at Oshkosh

HeliTrak Introduces Collective Pull Down at Oshkosh

22-Jul-2015 Source: HAI

First-year exhibitor HeliTrak, HAI HELI-CENTER Booth 434, is introducing a product that is attracting a lot of attention. The product is aptly named “Collective Pull Down,” and that is what it does. Initially designed for the Robinson R22, but applicable to any helicopter, the CPD is triggered from the certified low RPM warning system. This triggers a motor to be activated that literally pulls the collective all the way down, in approximately 0.5 second, and the aircraft enters an autorotation. When a low rotor RPM warning occurs, pilot reaction time is critical to avoid a catastrophic result. The CPD automates this required action.

“The reaction to this new product has been extremely positive,” says Suzanne Steiner, VP of Marketing & Business Operations for HeliTrak. She says the booth has been packed with nonstop demos. “We seem to have timed our introduction well,” says Steiner, noting the FAA 2015 International Rotorcraft Safety Forums at HAI HELI-EXPO and AEA that specifically addressed the low rotor RPM accident record and the importance of pilot reaction time to this situation. “This system is designed to save lives.”

Many people have remarked on the clever and straightforward design of the CPD, which makes it applicable to multiple rotorcraft models. It requires no software, is very lightweight (less than 2 lb), and requires approximately three hours to install on an R22. Installation is via an STC. Availability is later this year for the R22. For more information, visit helitrak.com.

About HeliTrak

HeliTrak, Inc., is dedicated to developing innovative safety solutions for helicopters. The company was founded by longtime friends, colleagues, aeronautical engineers, and avid pilots John Mercer and Peter Hambling. The company is located in Gig Harbor, Washington, where it designs, manufactures, and sells its products. The CPD System is the company’s first safety product to reach the market. For more information, visit www.helitrak.com.

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