McMurdo ELTs to be fitted to AVIC AC312 helicopters

McMurdo ELTs to be fitted to AVIC AC312 helicopters

23-Jul-2015 Source: McMurdo

At McMurdo Group, we take pride in our international influence and reach providing our global communities with the most advanced and reliable search and rescue technology. The capabilities of our products in preparing for emergency readiness and response are making the integral difference in the number of lives saved in emergency situations all across the globe. So, when given the chance to adequately equip our international industry partners in China with this innovative technology, we seized the opportunity to make that life-changing difference.

With that said, we are pleased to announce that the McMurdo Group has secured a €2.2M contract with Harbin Aircraft Industry Group Co., Ltd. (HAIG), a subsidiary of Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC)! This partnership will provide our Kannad Integra Emergency Location Transmitters for their current lines of AC312 helicopters and Y12 transport airplane fleets, over the span of 10 years, to aid in search and rescue initiatives.

With China’s rapidly growing aviation market taking a positive turn toward innovation and discovery, the implementation of the Kannad Integra technology has established a promising foundation for McMurdo Group in ensuring future SAR success in China, and Asia as a whole. A validating win for our team and AVIC, we are excited to see the Kannad Integra’s advanced dual-antenna and dual-GPS design in action.

Instead of traditional ELTs relying solely on an aircraft’s external antenna and GPS equipment, which is prone to failure in emergency situations, the Kannad Integra’s locator advancements use key positioning data that allow the beacon to operate independently of the aircraft, significantly improving timeliness and effectiveness of finding aircrafts. Once activated, the ELT is able to transmit the distress signal to respective international rescue services and successfully provide the emergency location to first responders via the global Cospas-Sarsat Search and Rescue satellite system.

We are looking forward to seeing where this new international partnership will take us and working hand-in-hand with AVIC in implementing these life changing technologies to ensure the global development and success of advanced aviation SAR technology.

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