PerriQuest Unveils Solution to Aircraft Laser Attacks

PerriQuest Unveils Solution to Aircraft Laser Attacks

24-Jul-2015 Source: PerriQuest

Following a string of recent high-profile events, PerriQuest Defense Research Enterprises unveiled the world’s most advanced laser-protective eye wear to dozens of aviation industry stakeholders. PerriQuest’s patent-pending technology protects the wearer from harmful red, green, and blue laser light without compromising the wearer’s ability to perceive and distinguish color. Production of the groundbreaking technology is set to begin this summer and the company is accepting pre-orders via its website:

“This problem is not going away – in fact, it’s getting worse,” said PerriQuest Founder Dr. Nicholas Perricone. “Tracking down, arresting, and prosecuting the perpetrators of these attacks is a herculean task. While enforcement is important, mitigation technology is really going to put an end to this behavior. Once these glasses are in the hands of commercial pilots, and criminals know their lasers have been rendered useless, we will stop seeing so many incidents. My goal is accomplish that before any catastrophe takes place.”

Many attributes distinguish PerriQuest’s glasses from other technologies in development or available on the market today:

1) Blocks all three laser colors. Current technologies block green, red, or blue – not all three;
2) Does not compromise the wearer’s ability to perceive and distinguish color. Other products distort all perceived color in order to block laser light;
3) Provides full coverage. Glasses available today often provide protection only from direct attacks or attacks from “twelve o’clock.” PerriQuest’s technology protect the wearer from attacks at wide angles;
4) Comfortable and wearable. Many technologies on the market today are intended for laboratory use and are not comfortable, hindering compliance;
5) Deployable. PerriQuest’s solution is ready for immediate use.

PerriQuest is exhibiting the technology in Washington this week at the 61st annual Air Safety Forum, hosted by the Air Line Pilots Association. More information can be found on the company website


Founded by Nicholas Perricone, MD, PerriQuest provides creative technical solutions to address emerging threats against the American public and our military forces. The company is set up to quickly assemble cross-disciplinary teams of innovators, and provide experienced technical leadership to produce practical solutions to difficult problems. PerriQuest innovations combine outside-the-box approaches with fresh scientific perspectives to overcome seemingly impossible challenges.

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