DRF flies 19,525 EMS flight in first half of 2015 across Germany

DRF flies 19,525 EMS flight in first half of 2015 across Germany

31-Jul-2015 Source: DRF

At 30 HEMS bases in Germany and Austria DRF Luftrettung is operating helicop-ters for emergency rescue and the transport of intensive care patients between clinics, at eight HEMS bases 24/7. In addition to that, DRF Luftrettung operates two ambulance aircraftwith specialized crews for worldwide repatriations. In the first half of the year 2015 its crews flew a total of 19,525 missions (in 2014: 19,523).

Within Germany DRF Luftrettung flew a total of 18,413HEMS missions. Beside from heart attacks,strokesand accidents were the most frequent reasons for alerts. One tenth of the emergency helicopter missions comprised car accidents alone.

In addition to emergency rescue alerts, 24% of German-wide missions involved intensive care transports between clinics, e.g. caring for patients with respiratory distress syndrome or patients suffering from specific heart illnesses.

At its two HEMS bases in Austria, ARA Flugrettung, which belongs to DRF Luftrettung, flew 1,011 missions (2014: 877). Especially in the touristic high seasons in summer and winter, operations in mountaineous areas were frequent. The helicopters based in Tyrol and Carinthia are equipped with a cable winch, which is essential for rescue operations in alpine terrain.

In the field of world-wide ambulance flights, DRF Luftrettung repatriated 91 injured or seriously ill patients during the first six months of 2015.

Launch customer H 145

DRF Luftrettung was the first operator in the world to put into service the first H 145 this spring. This represents a milestone in modernizing theDRF Luftrettung helicopter fleet. The H 145 is excellently suited for air rescue missions thanks to its performance capability and the Fenestron. Particularly in night rescue missions, the shrouded tail rotor provides a further measure of safety. Currently DRF Luftrettung operates three H 145, more will be acquired.

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