Oceania Aviation launches Finance and Leasing division

Oceania Aviation launches Finance and Leasing division

1-Sep-2015 Source: Oceania Aviation

Oceania Aviation headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand has announced an innovative Aircraft Financing instrument to support Helicopter Operators anywhere on the planet. For years Oceania co-owner and Director Josh Camp noted that helicopter operators and financiers always approached funding from totally different perspectives.

“As the leading provider of helicopter sales and support in Australasian region, we have for years mediated between our clients and the financial institutions” noted Camp. “It is always complicated as credit departments struggle with assets that cost more than a houses but can start up and fly away. They rely on external advice from a third party valuation company to make that lending decision.”

The result was the formation of Oceania Aviation Finance and Leasing and Camp reports strong and immediate demand. Partnering with private equity, Oceania provides the operator a complete solution from enquiry to supply. Oceania can approve bridging finance, audit the end users operation, supply the aircraft and engineering and manage the on-going relationship to protect the lender from degradation of the aircraft and asset values.

“Our first success was providing bridging transactions between New Zealand and Australia. Even between banks with subsidiaries in Australia and New Zealand, aircraft transactions are complicated by lenders not agreeing to pay for an aircraft until it was physically in country. It is impossible to have a helicopter shipped without money in the bank and we supported the transaction until the aircraft was delivered”

Commenting on the demand, Sales Manager Stephen Boyce said: “It’s excellent news for operators. There is now opportunity to relocate aircraft to high yield markets like PNG and Indonesia. Previously many barriers to entry including fear of the equipment being nationalized prohibited the move. Oceania audits the opportunity and applies our experience as operators to rationalize the risk. Our Financiers have a lot of comfort knowing that we are bridging the gap to protecting their investment and at the same time, we act as a buffer for the end user in the Aviation Sector”

Oceania Aviation is 100% committed to growing and developing the General Aviation industry in New Zealand and Australia, and during their 25 years in the industry, our team have learnt the challenges of doing business in aviation and we understand that access to capital and cash flow is often the decisive factor between success and failure.

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