Register Update – Canada – September 2015

Register Update – Canada – September 2015

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This news item is part of the “Register Updates” series, listing helicopters which have been added to a particular national register, removed from it or the listed owner has changed.


Our coverage represents the majority of registration and owner changes within the global civilian helicopter fleet. Most updates are weekly or monthly, although some are less frequent.



Our coverage of Canada currently features those helicopters imported to and exported from the country.

Aircraft imported to Canada

Helicopters with no prior registration quoted were manufactured in the country they are from, and did not take up a full registration prior to import. Destination C- Canadian registration is shown for each helicopter where known.

AB139 31031 ZK-HNE from New Zealand
AS350BA 1493 N250AH from USA as C-GRAF
B212 31105 JA9550 from Japan as C-FLXW
B407 53372 XA-UMA from Mexico
B407 53502 XA-VLG from Mexico
B429 57204 N519HT from USA as C-FMUF
EC120B 1663 N120JQ from USA as C-FCFC
R44 II 12535 N4537G from USA as C-FMVS
R44 II 13879 from USA
S269D 0062A N584PM from USA
S-76C 760743 PR-CHP from Brazil as C-FYDD
S-92A 920127 PR-CHU from Brazil

Aircraft exported from Canada

Helicopters with no Canadian registration quoted were manufactured in Canada and did not take up a full registration prior to export. Destination country is shown for each helicopter, together with its new registration in that country where known.

C-FTIW AS350BA 1123 to Chile
C-GRGU AS350BA 1213 to Niue (New Zealand) as ZK-IMK
C-GPFY AS350B 1749 to USA as N810CH
C-**** B206L4 52477 to USA as N567AE
C-FEOX B407 54164 to USA as N462P
C-FEYN B407 54165 to USA as N465P
C-FBEI B407 54495 to China
C-FESU B407 54526 to China
C-**** B407 54630 to USA as N889MT
C-**** B407 54631 to USA as N585UH
C-**** B407 54632 to USA as N585VB
C-**** B407 54633 to USA as N156BH
C-**** B407 54634 to USA as N383AM
C-**** B407 54635 to USA as N591GB
C-**** B407 54636 to USA as N591KS
C-**** B407 54637 to USA as N591CB
C-FJIR B429 57261 to USA as N587ST
C-FIOH B429 57262 to USA as N587RN
C-FFYZ H369HS 230451S to USA as N727JV
C-FHLY R44 II 11276 to USA as N441UK
C-GIMW S-76A 760226 to Mozambique

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