Sikorsky would like Helitech back at Duxford

Sikorsky would like Helitech back at Duxford

9-Oct-2015 Source:

Sikorsky have approached us to point out an error in an article earlier this week on and we are happy to put the matter straight.

In the article “Helitech opens with only three manufacturers present“, we stated “Sikorsky conspicuous by its absence despite being one of the four manufacturers who reportedly insisted on Helitech moving location from the much-loved Duxford Airfield to the central London location of a convention centre. No doubt its current state of flux over its future ownership plays a part, as well as its over-reliance on the offshore oil-support operators.

This was incorrect and we apologise to Sikorsky for any misunderstanding.  Sikorsky have told us this week “Our decision to not display at this show was purely driven by the ongoing weak market conditions and had nothing to do with the potential sale”, and that they “decided to forgo several shows and/or limit our presence and costs this year as have other aerospace companies“.

In addition, Paul Jackson from Sikorsky told us “We much preferred the Duxford site. I don’t know who your sources are who indicated the contrary, but they’re wrong“.

This goes against what organisers Reed have always maintained. was the first media outlet to reveal on 21st September 2012 the plan for the move from Duxford to London.  Clearly panicked into making a statement, Reed issued this press release (via PR agents CMS Strategic)  was then followed up on 3rd October 2012 [five days earlier than they planned], in which they said “the new-look Helitech already has the support of AgustaWestland, Bell Helicopters, Eurocopter and Sikorsky, as well as the European Helicopter Association and the British Helicopter Association“.

Clearly something is awry.  Let’s see how the style, format and location of Helitech develops over the next few years.

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