New website for the HAI Accreditation Program of Safety

New website for the HAI Accreditation Program of Safety 15 Nov, 15, Source: HAI

HAI on Friday launched,  a new website for the HAI Accreditation Program of Safety (HAI-APS) — a program designed to help HAI operator members fly to a higher degree of safety.

Federal aviation regulations set a minimum standard for safety. The HAI-APS lays a course for operators who want to demonstrate to themselves, their staff, and their customers that they abide by a more rigorous standard.

The new website provides information and an application for operators who want to become accredited. Those who wish to become auditors can also find information and an application there.

Standards for Rotorcraft Operations

The program incorporates two sets of aviation standards: the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) and the Helicopter Mission-Specific Standards (HMSS). The two programs are complementary; members who want to become accredited under HAI-APS must maintain an IS-BAO registration as well. Participating operators must also be an operator member of HAI.

HAI developed the Helicopter Mission-Specific Standards (HMSS) to address safety in helicopter aviation. These standards encourage rotorcraft operators to implement industry best practices and develop controls to mitigate risk.

The HMSS have a general section that applies to all helicopter operations, as well as sections that cover the following missions:

  • Aerial application
  • Airborne law enforcement
  • Air tour
  • Corporate and VIP transportation
  • Electronic news gathering
  • Aerial film and photography
  • External loads and heavy lift
  • Flight training
  • Helicopter air ambulance
  • Heli-skiing
  • Off-shore
  • Personal use
  • Pipeline and power line
  • Wildlife management and mustering.

Operators can receive a general accreditation, or can become accredited under one or several of the 14 specific missions; the accreditation certificate will list the specific HMSS under which an operator is accredited.

HAI will work with members who conduct missions outside the scope of the current HMSS to research and develop best practices for those missions.

Audits are an essential step in obtaining an IS-BAO registration or HAI-APS accreditation. An independent third-party HAI-APS–authorized auditor will visit an applicant’s operation to validate that the operator not only meets mandated minimum safety standards but has adopted processes and procedures that provide a higher level of safety.


HAI-APS is a comprehensive safety program for helicopter operators, coupled with an inexpensive price tag. HAI-APS uses fixed audit fees to ensure program members receive the best possible prices — in fact, the program’s fees are below industry average.

Participation in HAI-APS is priced to minimize the financial impact on operators. Fees are determined by the number of aircraft and bases of operation. HAI-APS participants can achieve cost savings by conducting both the IS-BAO and HAI-APS audit at the same time. Detailed pricing information can be found on the hai-aps website,

Operator/Auditor Training

HAI offers quarterly training for auditors at its Alexandria, Va., headquarters and at its annual trade show, HAI HELI-EXPO®. The training is also suitable for those who want become internal auditors for their organizations.

Free Coaching

HAI-APS program staff are available to coach operators through the audit process as they review existing policies and processes, conduct a gap analysis, revise policies, and prepare for an audit.

At HAI, safety is a core value. Our goal is to support operators in their flight to HAI-APS accreditation — and a higher level of safety.

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