HeliOffshore launches HUMS Best Practice Guidance

HeliOffshore launches HUMS Best Practice Guidance

19-Nov-2015 Source: HeliOffshore

Francois Lassale has recently announced the launch of the HeliOffshore Health and Usage Monitoring Best Practice guidance on behalf of all HeliOffshore members.

This guidance is the result of a highly engaged industry putting momentum behind those actions that will make the greatest difference to safety.

Our focus is always to make a difference to the frontline, where safety is delivered every day. What then becomes crucial is the adoption of best practice so that we can standardise and improve the safety of offshore operations around the world.

Through “HeliOffshore Space”, we are making participation in our safety efforts even easier. Our online, secure collaboration space is an industry first; empowering industry experts to collaborate to the benefit of everyone who works at the frontline and everyone who travels offshore.

We’re looking at how to improve the way our industry uses technology, how to further improve flight operational procedures, and how to support pilots, engineers and others to gain and maintain the skills to operate safely—every flight, every day. Whether it relates to flight crew operating manuals or emergency preparedness, we are gathering best practice from every region to consider how to apply it globally to further improve safety.

I already see an offshore helicopter industry that is working together more effectively; collaborating on safety by sharing information and expertise to the benefit of the people we serve.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to and reviewed the HUMS best practice guidance, particularly the members of the HeliOffshore HUMS workstream.


  • James Strachan (Avionic Type Engineer)
  • Sean Newlands (HUMS Analyst)

Bell Helicopters

  • Brian Tucker (Associate Technical Fellow, Integrated Vehicle Health Management)
  • Joe Wendelsdorf (Staff Engineer – retired)

Bristow Group

  • Russell Gould (Director, Global Fleet Support & HeliOffshore HUMS Working Group Lead)
  • Richard Barnett (HUMS Manager – Bristow US)
  • Gayan Silva (Fleet Engineering Specialist)
  • Jerry Cresswell (Fleet Engineering Specialist)


  • Dave Squires (HUMS Administrator)

CHC Helicopter

  • Malcolm Garrington (Manager, HUMS Support & HeliOffshore HUMS Working Group Co-chair)
  • John Cawdell (Manager, HMS Program)
  • Bjorn Haga (HUMS Engineer)

ERA Helicopters

  • Jason Alamond (HUMS Program Manager)

PHI, Inc.

  • Robert Bouillon (Director – HSEQ)
  • Tim Doucet (Supervisor, Aircraft Data Monitoring Systems)

Weststar Aviation Services

  • Andy Taylor-Jones (Flight Data Manager)

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