Kaman sells two K-Max firefighters to China

Kaman sells two K-Max firefighters to China 24 Nov, 15, Source: HeiHub.com

Kaman has contracted with Chinese company Lectern Aviation Supplies to deliver two K-Max helicopters in 2017.  This will be the first time the K-Max has been operated in China, and both aircraft are expected to begin operations fighting fires for the China Department of Forestry.

“This agreement with Lectern represents the continued growth of confidence in the K-MAX® helicopter from customers around the world” stated Terry Fogarty, Director, Business Development, K-MAX® Helicopter Programs at Kaman. “We are confident that customers in China will appreciate the reliability and high, hot performance of the K-MAX® helicopter demanded by firefighting missions. The Chinese market possesses significant market potential for the K-MAX and we are working to capitalize on these additional opportunities.”

The K-Max first flew in 1992, and a total of 38 were built up to 2003 when production was halted, and Kaman announced in June 2015 that they planned to restart the line.  HeliHub.com research suggests that 24 are currently operational including two which are maintained by the US Marine Corps on unmanned operations under a program with Lockheed Martin. These aircraft successfully supported the US Marine Corps in Afghanistan for thirty-three months from 2011-2014 carrying more than 4.5 million pounds of cargo. Additional unmanned firefighting and humanitarian missions for K-Max are also being developed and tested.

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