First of three AW169s for Linfox now in flight test

First of three AW169s for Linfox now in flight test 30 Nov, 15, Source:

In July 2012, AgustaWestland announced the sale of three corporate-fit AW169s to Linfox Holdings in Australia. The aircraft will be used to perform corporate transport missions in the Melbourne area of Australia. The order marked the entrance of the AW169 into the Australian corporate/VIP transport market.

The first of these is now in flight test – the photo here by Marco Bianchi shows serial 69009 recently in the Milan area.  Linfox is a big AgustaWestland fan – in July 2013 we ran an article on the company receiving their sixth new AgustaWestland helicopter in a space of 13 years.

Since 1985 the Linfox Property Group portfolio has grown extensively with the acquisition and development of some of the largest industrial properties in the Southern Hemisphere.  As manager, developer and owner of 8,000,000 square feet of warehouse space throughout the world, Linfox has the expertise and resources to supply and manage superior warehousing functions for all its customers. Linfox also operates Australia’s Avalon and Essendon airports in Melbourne, Victoria.

Photo  © Copyright 2015 Marco Bianchi and used on with prior permission.

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