Bond launches North Sea service for sick and injured workers

Bond launches North Sea service for sick and injured workers 14 Dec, 15, Source: Bond

Bond Offshore Helicopters – a Babcock Mission Critical Services business – has launched a new service today that allows sick or injured passengers, including those who can’t wear a lifejacket or survival suit, to be brought back to shore by helicopter.

Previously people who were too ill to fly either had to wait offshore until they were better or their condition deteriorated enough to warrant an airlift from the Search and Rescue service, or they had to be transferred by boat. Under the new clearance Bond can now provide specialist support to these passengers to bring them back to shore safely and swiftly on a helicopter.

Bond’s Director of Operations, Captain Rob Dyas, said: “This new service provides an important middle ground for those passengers who may be injured or unwell but who do not qualify for the Search and Rescue services reserved for those with life-threatening conditions.

“With the expert help of our Clinical Advisor and with our experienced crews acting as escorts we can now transfer these passengers back to shore, providing a simple set of requirements can be met.”

The new service received clearance from the CAA this week, applicable to all UK operators, and is available for offshore flights immediately from all Bond’s UK bases.


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