HeliRussia to include the 4th Air Ambulance & MedEvac Conference

HeliRussia to include the 4th Air Ambulance & MedEvac Conference 4 Feb, 16, Source: HeliRussia

In spring this year the HeliRussia 2016 helicopter industry exhibition will open in Moscow. Alongside the launches and demonstrations of the latest developments in the helicopter industry, there will be organised discussion of topical issues for the industry. A regular forum of the exhibition since 2012 has been the international scientific and operational conference ‘Air Ambulances & Medical Evacuation’. This conference covers a broad range of issues connected with the development of air ambulances, medical evacuation, and the latest developments in the sphere of search-and-rescue technology.

The conference is traditionally attended by representatives of State authorities, experts from many different medical organisations with backgrounds in aerial evacuation of medical patients, as well as by pilots in the air-ambulance and medical evacuation services, and companies who are involved in the development, production and certification of medical aviation services and equipment.

In today’s modern metropolises, and remoter regions with under-developed transport infrastructure alike, helicopters offer a lifeline for evacuating medical casualties to emergency facilities within the ‘critical hour’, transporting patients – or conversely to transport medical expert staff rapidly to where they might be needed. The latest medical evacuation helicopters are fully equipped with cutting-edge technology – meaning that life-saving medical procedures can even be carried out in mid-air, if necessary.

The value of using helicopters as ‘air ambulances’ is recognised all over the world, and in Russia the issue of developing helicopters in the medical sector are being discussed at the highest levels. The ‘Air Ambulance & Medical Evacuation’ conference at HeliRussia 2016 will be given with the support of the Russian Ministry of Industry & Trade, and will be an open forum for discussion of a broad range of issues concerning medical aviation and the way it can be expanded and brought on in Russia.

The discussion format and cross-disciplinary approach enables professionals across a wide range of backgrounds to take part. The organisers are inviting experts from the entire medical aviation industry to join the discussion, as well as welcoming the submission of papers and presentations and talks.

The ‘Air Ambulance & Medical Evacuation Conference 2016’ event will take place within the context of the HeliRussia 2016 Exhibition at the Crocus-Expo International Conference Centre over two days – on 19th May from 12pm to 5pm, when the Plenary Session takes place; and on 20th May from 10am to 12pm, when round table discussions will be held.

To find out more about the ‘Air Ambulance & Medical Evacuation’ conference, to view the programme of events, list of planned participants, and obtain more information, please go to the conference page at the HeliRussia website: www.helirussia.ru.

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