IHST gathers safety experts from around the globe at Heli-Expo

IHST gathers safety experts from around the globe at Heli-Expo 11 Feb, 16, Source: IHST

Global members of the International Helicopter Safety Team (www.IHST.org) will gather at Heli-Expo next month for a worldwide summit focused on civil helicopter safety and to share knowledge and advice about reducing accidents.

Safety experts will participate in the summit from countries with substantial civil helicopter operations, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Italy, New Zealand, and the Commonwealth of Independent States/Russia.

Each IHST global partner will provide an update on safety initiatives and on recent accident data.  They also will lead group discussions about safety recommendations, risk management, industry/government partnerships and communications efforts.

The IHST Worldwide Summit opens on Wednesday, March 2nd at 8:00 am at the Louisville Exposition Center.

In addition, the U.S. Helicopter Safety Team (http://www.ushst.org/) will help the Helicopter Association International kick off Heli-Expo 2016 by hosting a Symposium for helicopter safety professionals on Feb. 29th.  The theme of the Safety Symposium will be “Safety and the Bottom Line” and will include presentations focused on showing how safety initiatives and the fostering of a safety culture results in a more profitable operation.

The IHST promotes a wide-ranging safety outreach effort through four web sites – – worldwide (www.IHST.org), Europe, U.S.A., and Brazil – – and an active Facebook page and Twitter site.
Helicopter safety experts from across the industry gather under the IHST banner to collaborate on and develop a broad collection of safety materials that are shared across the globe.

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