Protective Packaging Corp helps Bristow inhibit North Sea S92

Protective Packaging Corp helps Bristow inhibit North Sea S92

4-Apr-2016 Source: PPC

The downturn in the energy industry has idled millions of dollars of oil and gas equipment worldwide, including the nearly a fifth of the helicopters used to ferry workers and equipment to offshore rigs, according to The Wall Street Journal.  [Other sources give nearer to one third.  Ed]

Dallas-based Protective Packaging Corporation recently helped a major worldwide helicopter operator servicing the oil and gas industry store and preserve idled helicopters through a unique and cost-efficient packaging solution.

“Using our experience in helping protect idled US military equipment, vehicles, planes and technology from environmental factors and idleness, we were able to develop and install a complete solution for the helicopter operator,” said Steve Hanna, CEO of Protective Packaging Corporation. “Our solution is much more cost-efficient than an expensive controlled environment warehouse or hanger.”

The helicopter operator, serving offshore rigs in the North Sea, needed to protect its idled aircraft from corrosion, mold, mildew and other environmental factors until current market conditions change. They also needed access to rotate the blades periodically during storage. The company wanted to make sure the helicopters would not require any cleaning or refurbishing when the helicopters were needed for service.

Protective Packaging Corporation provided a packaging process that completely controlled the environment around the aircraft. This packaging consisted of unique flexible moisture barrier films designed to prevent even minimal exposure of the aircraft, its engine, and electrical parts to humidity. This process guarantees no corrosion for a minimum of five years. Protective Packaging Corporation technicians traveled to Scotland in March and completed the entire application process in less than a day.

Besides oil and gas industry-related customers, Protective Packaging Corporation has provided long-term packaging preservation for many of the top aircraft manufacturers and defense contractors in the world, as well as for the electronics, communication, and transportation industries. Protective Packaging Corporation is a Texas-based, ISO-certified, veteran-owned small business corporation that has been in business over 35 years. For more information, visit

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