Helipaddy forges expansion link with Good Hotel Guide

Helipaddy forges expansion link with Good Hotel Guide

8-Apr-2016 Source: Helipaddy

Helipaddy, the world’s largest moderated database of helicopter landing sites and points of interest, is expanding through a new collaboration with the Good Hotel Guide.  This will increase the already-impressive Helipaddy database with helipads at every relevant hotel in the Good Hotel Guide worldwide.

The Helipaddy smartphone apps and website are being updated with around 200 GHG hotels in UK and France, each with a link to the hotel’s page on the GHG website.  Many more hotels in a further 14 countries will be added in a second phase over the coming weeks.  The mutual additional value to both Helipaddy and Good Hotel Guide provides many new locations for helicopter pilots to fly to and dine or stay.

Helipaddy provides detailed information on landing sites, including guidance to minimise environmental impact.  Flying with this level of information promotes safe flying and full consideration of others, and has resulted in an increasing number of helicopter pilots using it as a primary data source.

Helipaddy also details interesting places to fly, join group helicopter trips and view all the weekend fly-ins.  The system works both online and via iOS/Android smartphone apps.  Helicopter operators, including training schools, service centres, insurance or aircraft brokers can reach a very precise and engaged audience of helicopter pilots.

Hotels leverage the opportunity to reach out to a niche new customer base who are actively looking for places to stay, plus it is commission-free. Helipaddy provides hotels a way of outsourcing their landing site information by having a unique web address for their website, while the Helipaddy team ensure the data is accurately maintained through their regular database review process.

The accuracy and ergonomic layout of information makes Helipaddy an indispensable tool for helicopter pilots.  All members of Helipaddy are welcomed into a community of pilots that can freely share their favourite landing locations with friends, comment on locations they have visited, receive information on upcoming heli-friendly events and can request information on how to land in foreign countries through the Helipaddy support portal.

The combination of these features (and many more) contribute to the truly unique Helipaddy experience.  More information at http://helipaddy.com

The Good Hotel Guide is the leading independent guide to hotels in Great Britain and Ireland. It is written for the reader seeking impartial advice on finding a good place to stay. Hotels cannot buy their entry as they do in most rival guides. No money changes hands, and the editors and inspectors do not accept free hospitality on their anonymous visits to hotels.  More information athttp://www.goodhotelguide.com/

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