Bell highlights military products at Marrakech 2016

Bell highlights military products at Marrakech 2016

28-Apr-2016 Source: Bell

Bell Helicopter, Textron AirLand and Textron Aviation Inc., all Textron Inc. companies, have detailed their plans for the Marrakech Airshow at the Menara Airport in Marrakesh, Morocco, which runs April 27-April 30, 2016. Textron will be displaying in chalet A8.

This year, Bell Helicopter is showcasing the Bell 407GXP, equipped by NorthStar Aviation as a light attack helicopter, on static display and the Bell UH-1Y Venom and The Bell AH-1Z Viper models showcasing our military attack and utility helicopters.

With over 250 commercial Bell Helicopters being used for military missions in Middle East and Africa, Bell Helicopter is seeing a growing demand in the region specifically for the Bell 407 in a light attack configuration. The Bell 407GXP is the latest best-selling Bell 407 platform, with added value through class leading performance, payload capability and operating economics. The M250 Rolls-Royce engine boosts power and fuel efficiency delivering best in class hot and high performance. The aircraft also features avionics improvements in the weight and balance pages, as well as a transmission time between overhaul (TBO) extension of 500 hours.




The Bell UH-1Y utility and Bell AH-1Z attack helicopters continue to perform for the United States Marine Corps, delivering on our promise of technologically advanced aircraft the Marines can rely on to accomplish their challenging missions. The Venom and Viper are a potent, comprehensive duo, designed and manufactured to reduce logistical requirements and marinized to perform for expeditionary forces over land or sea. The Bell AH-1Z Viper is capable of carrying the widest array of ordnance of any helicopter in the world. The Bell AH-1Z’s Target Sight System provides the longest range and highest accuracy of any helicopter sight available, as it allows the operators of the AH-1Z to identify and track multiple targets outside the enemy’s ability to visually detect the Zulu. Unlike other attack helicopters, the AH-1Z Viper has integrated air-to-air strike capability in addition to lethal air-to-ground anti-armor performance. This capability set makes the AH-1Z the ideal platform to meet the requirements of land warfare scenarios in any of the potential hot spots around the world. The Bell UH-1Y Venom is a combat-proven utility helicopter slated to support the United States Marine Corps global missions for the next four decades. The Bell UH-1Y engages threats, inserts or exfiltrates personnel and performs under the most punishing operating conditions, making it the ultimate tactical utility helicopter. The Bell UH-1Y was first deployed with the United States Marine Corps in 2009.

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