Helipaddy partners with what3words to simplify navigation for helicopter pilots

Helipaddy partners with what3words to simplify navigation for helicopter pilots

6-May-2016 Source: Helipaddy

Helipaddy (http://helipaddy.com) has partnered with what3words to promote accuracy of navigation and reduce the potential for errors by helicopter pilots. What3words has created a significantly simpler way of referencing anywhere on the surface of our planet. By dividing the surface of the earth into squares of 3m x 3m, and then giving each a unique set of three words, it is possible to precisely specify any location on the planet without needing to remember GPS coordinates to 6 decimal places, or degrees/minutes and then seconds with decimal places. The what3words platform means that anyone can find any spot on the planet accurately and communicate it more quickly, more easily and with less ambiguity than any other system. Words can easily be remembered, written, said, printed or shared digitally.
The system has also opened up many opportunities in the developing world, particularly in allowing billions of the world’s population to be heard by being able to exercise many of their rights as citizens because they previously had no way to communicate where they live. Bringing this revolutionary system to the helicopter industry creates new opportunities, particularly when flying to a previously unvisited location, and can address individual pads at a heliport with multiple landing spots.
With what3words, Helipaddy are solving what is quite a difficult problem, namely a scalable solution to storing, sharing and moderating precise landing information in an simple way. What3words is a natural solution for communicating locations.” said Paddy Wills of Helipaddy.
Helipaddy is a platform that makes helicopter trip planning easy. Available on smartphones, tablets and the web it offers an extensive database of fully researched helicopter landing locations, navigation tools, travel guides and an active community and support portal. A unique system built by pilots for pilots the Helipaddy platform is based on finding great places to land. It allows users to comment on existing landing sites, add new ones and share landing locations with friends.
The Helipaddy smartphone apps and website provide detailed data on landing sites, including guidance to minimise environmental impact. Flying with this level of information promotes safe flying and full consideration of others, and has resulted in an increasing number of helicopter pilots using Helipaddy as a primary data source. Helipaddy works both online and via iOS/Android smartphone apps. Helicopter operators, including training schools, service centres, insurance or aircraft brokers can reach a very precise and engaged audience of helicopter pilots.
The accuracy and ergonomic layout of information makes Helipaddy an indispensable tool for helicopter pilots. All members of Helipaddy are welcomed into a community of pilots that can freely share their favourite landing locations with friends, comment on locations they have visited, receive information on upcoming heli-friendly events and can request information on how to land in foreign countries through the Helipaddy support portal.
Helipaddy allows you to discover and share amazing places to fly, places that are often off the beaten track and difficult to describe. They immediately understood the benefits of using a 3 word address to describe a precise location and were a delight to work with.” Chris Sheldrick, CEO what3words, “We look forward to flying to some remote places with them!”


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