Airbus starts new MSN series for H135 helicopters

Airbus starts new MSN series for H135 helicopters

23-May-2016 Source:

Airbus Helicopters have started a new set of numbers MSN (Manufacturer’s Serial Number) for the H135 series.

From the first production unit at 0001, the production line is currently at around 1230 and continuing. has recently noticed that there are aircraft on the production line in a new series starting at 2001 – a sudden jump from the existing series.  Airbus Helicopters has confirmed to us that all H135s built with the Helionix avionic suite are in this new series.  The launch customer for the H135 with Helionix is Norsk Luftambulanse, who have three on order for delivery in 2017.  Evidence exists for at least the first seven of the new series on the production line, although the first example has yet to fly – Helionix for the H135 has thus far been restricted to a test bed airframe.  Certification is expected by the end of this year.  Let’s hope it’s a smoother process than the H145 installation, which caused delivery delays of many months on the H145 (EC145T2 as it was then).

Helionix® is a fully integrated system that cuts the amount of required equipment in half, meaning easier maintenance and a significant weight reduction. With the situational awareness system in the middle of the instrument panel, the pilot can quickly see a digital display of the helicopter’s terrestrial (obstacles, terrain) and aerial (presence of other aircraft) environments. To prevent dangerous situations, the HTAWS (Helicopter Terrain Awareness System) warns the crew well in advance of any land-based obstacles in the vicinity of the current flight path.  The system includes a centralized maintenance function that monitors the status of all the helicopter’s sub-systems. Troubleshooting can quickly be performed via a ground-based diagnostics tool, and maintenance activities are fully optimized. The Human-Machine Interface (HMI) displays all flight parameters and flight management data on a single screen. The Part Time Display is a new concept. A summarized version of the flight parameters can be displayed to help the pilot quickly analyze and assess the situation in order to remain fully concentrated on the mission.

Helionix is installed by default in the H145, H160 and H175.

One clear way that distinguishes itself from other helicopter industry media is by tracking individual airframes.  We regularly source news stories by identifying situational changes with particular aircraft, plus we track the output from the various production lines around the world.

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