CAP437 compliant helideck friction tests now available in Middle East

CAP437 compliant helideck friction tests now available in Middle East

7-Jun-2016 Source: Oryx

Since October last year Oryx Aviation Consulting (OAC) have been establishing themselves as the preferred provider of Helideck and Helipad inspection services and consultancy, according to both local Regulations and the UK CAP 437, in the UAE and wider MENA region.  The company is now offering CAP 437 compliant helideck friction tests utilizing the recognized leading helideck friction testing device available on the market.

The Findlay Irvine Helideck Micro GripTester is the worlds first purpose built continuous friction testing device designed specifically for testing helidecks and helicopter landing zones. Featuring the “braked wheel” method of measuring friction and with an automatic water delivery system (to simulate “worst case scenario” wet landing surfaces) this hugely capable, yet portable computer-controlled device allows trained users to test the entire surface/helideck at a resolution of 1 meter squared.

Matt Hayes, the OAC Operations Manager and Chief Helideck Inspector said:  “Elevated helipads and offshore helidecks that do not use a helicopter landing safety net, such as here in the UAE, are required to have an adequate friction surface. CAP 437 clearly specifies an acceptable level of friction and the only way to properly assess the resistance to helicopter slippage and skidding is by a formal and comprehensive friction test. Our new, fully UK CAA CAP 437 compliant, friction tester enables us to do just that for our local and regional customers. Until this initiative the same friction testers and operatives had to be sourced and imported from far away places at enormous cost. We already provide professional CAP 437 Inspections in the region and by adding a friction test, if required, we can now offer the complete local service cheaper, quicker and with far greater flexibility

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