PRISM Expands Sponsorship with Public Safety Aviation Accreditation Commission

PRISM Expands Sponsorship with Public Safety Aviation Accreditation Commission

21-Jul-2016 Source: Argus

PRISM, a subsidiary of ARGUS International, has expanded its sponsorship with the Public Safety Aviation Accreditation Commission (PSAAC) to include aerial firefighting and search & rescue.

In September of 2014, PRISM entered into a sponsorship agreement with PSAAC, also known as the Airborne Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission. That agreement recognized PRISM’s support of PSAAC as the official accreditation authority for the airborne law enforcement community. With the expanded use of aerial support in the firefighting and search & rescue sectors, the need for an accreditation authority was in demand to ensure that the highest level of industry best practices were implemented. The need for this accreditation authority has led to the creation of PRISM ARMOR for Public Safety, the only Safety Management System (SMS) 100% compliant with PSAAC standards.

“As the use of aviation in public safety expands, it is important that we as an industry keep safety as the primary concern”, sated, President, CEO and Founder of ARGUS International, Joe Moeggenberg. “Expanding our access to the PSAAC standard has allowed us to adapt our program to meet that standard, translating to increased confidence and ease of compliance for our mounting number of public safety subscribers.”

PSAAC Chief Executive Officer, Jim Di Giovanna, in regards to the expanded relationship between ARGUS and PSAAC, added “We are delighted to be taking this next step with ARGUS. PSAAC has been at the forefront of developing standards as best practice guides for public safety aviation since 2004. The inclusion of Aerial Firefighting and Airborne Search and Rescue Standards provide public safety agencies engaged in these lifesaving and property protection missions a valuable resource that can now be linked directly to a product developed exclusively to assist agencies in meeting the safety standards and goals related to these missions. We remain committed to these goals.”

As a result of this expanded relationship, ARGUS’ training and auditing division, ARGUS PROS, is now a training partner of PSAAC. ARGUS PROS professionals will now train public safety aviation assessors on industry best practices for the completion of aviation audits.

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