Flying Helicopters Made Easy takes delivery of Robinson simulator

Flying Helicopters Made Easy takes delivery of Robinson simulator

31-Jul-2016 Source: X-copter

Flying Helicopters Made Easy flight school attracts US and International students who are looking for Ground, Private, Instrument, Commercial, and Certified Flight Instructor certificates. Operating two Robinson R22 and two Robinson R44 aircraft, the school employs flight training experience and methodologies, used by one of the best air forces in the world, to make better and safer pilots in the most effective way.

“We believe that the X-Copter simulator will help us provide a complete training experience for our students and is a great way to recruit new students and grow our operations”, said Ilan Nahoom, CEO/CFI. “We researched the simulator market and determined that the X-Copter provided the best value along with a great immersive full cockpit environment”.

Chief Pilot and CFI, Yaron Kafri, said “The value of simulation cannot be underestimated for our students. The ability to practice real life emergency scenarios from the safety of the office and develop muscle memory translates to better, more confident students who reach their goals faster and with a deeper understanding of the complexities of flying a helicopter”.

Scott Hovelsrud, Sales and Product Manager for X-Copter was part of the team that delivered and trained Flying Helicopter Made Easy on their new simulator. “It’s important that our customers understand that X-Copter only makes helicopter simulators. We are laser focused on the quality of the X-Copter products we provide and the after-sale service our customers receive. We think our simulator controls, visual/audio systems, full cockpit environment, and the training we provide flight instructors is best available and provides great value to X-Copter customers”.

X-Copter LLC sales, engineering and manufacturing center is located in Prescott Arizona. Along with Robinson simulators, X-Copter also develops semi-custom helicopter training devices as well as performs design and manufacturing services for the helicopter market.


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