Universal Helicopters picks SkyTrac for Flight Report Automation

Universal Helicopters picks SkyTrac for Flight Report Automation

11-Aug-2016 Source: SkyTrac

Universal Helicopters has selected SKYTRAC systems to automate crew position and flight reports, and to track airframe maintenance metrics for their AS350, Bell 206 and Bell 407 aircraft.

With services extending into Canada’s High Arctic, UHNL required a solution that could transmit timely and accurate flight data back to a centrally located operations team even when operating in some of the world’s most remote locations.

SKYTRAC provides a combined software and hardware system that stores custom digital versions of UHNL reports on SKYTRAC’s unique ISAT-200A hardware – a lightweight and all-in-one satellite transceiver, data acquisition unit and EFB Aircraft Interface Device. Crew can easily retrieve and review forms pre-populated with key flight and maintenance metrics before submitting comprehensive electronic reports back to corporate headquarters via Iridium Satellite connection. Once submitted, a custom SKYTRAC Automated Programming Interface will manage secure transfer of data to 3rd party maintenance planning and accounting software where parameters, including engine cycle times, can be used to manage part life, maintenance scheduling and billing.

“The Skytrac EFB is an investment in Universal Helicopters. This innovative technology will have an effect on all aspects of our business from our safety program, pilots, maintenance engineers, administration to finance. We believe that the Skytrac EFB will produce cost savings in the long run,” said UHNL President/CEO Shane Cyr.

“UHNL was one of SKYTRAC’s earliest global flight following customers. We are pleased to work with an operator that continues to lead the industry in the adoption of modern safety and organizational management tools. The combination of electronic reporting and satellite data streaming opens up a vital communications channel between air and ground crews, simplifying workflows, reducing manual entry errors and allowing staff to focus on their own critical departmental tasks. At SKYTRAC, we continue to drive innovations that reduce operator costs while improving safety and efficiency,” said SKYTRAC VP Sales Jan van der Heul.

SKYTRAC systems specializes in providing aviation data management solutions that increase operator safety, profitability and efficiency. SKYTRAC Digital Cockpit solutions include Onboard Document Management, Custom Hosted Forms, Cockpit Weather, EFB integration and real-time voice and text communications interfaces. SKYTRAC solutions also include real-time flight following, real-time event and distress tracking and flight data monitoring for fixed and rotary wing operators.


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