New Helipad at Vaughan, Canada

New Helipad at Vaughan, Canada 2 Sep, 16, Source:
The Southwest Hants Fire Station in Vaughan, Canada, celebrated the first use of it’s new helipad as The Life Flight helicopter touched ground. It was a joyous occasion met by the community and firefighters from Southwest Hants Fire Station, Wolfville, Brooklyn and Hansport. This new helipad serves as a midway between Vaughan and Chester, with the closest other helipad at Windsor Hospital. The new development has sent a spread of relief over the community; the reassurance that the best trauma facilities in Nova Scotia merely 8 to 10 minutes away, as reported by Hants Journal.
The creation of the new helipad was hugely supported by the community since it’s establishment in January, with a combination of events whose proceedings went towards the helipad, as well as contributions from local businesses and individuals. The Southwest Hants Fire Station reports how without the community, they would still be raising funds well into next year. Working together they managed to raise a staggering $20 000. This, along with the grant supplied by the Municipality of West Hans, made the helipad a reality.

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