Russian Hour at the Aerial Firefighting conference in Australia

Russian Hour at the Aerial Firefighting conference in Australia 12 Sep, 16, Source: HIA

The 3rd Aerial Firefighting Asia Pacific international exhibition and conference will take place on 5 and 6 September in Australia, Adelaide. The “Russian Hour” is scheduled at the conference, a traditional event which gives a deeper insight on the Russian helicopter industry. The best Russian experts in aerial firefighting are to share the integral experience on the event, which topic is the “Russian experience in aerial firefighting with helicopters”.

Located both in Europe and Asia, Russia boosts a very large territory, which is at risk annually from the wildfires, industrial and urban conflagrations. Being one of the few countries in the world with a complex power to research, development and produce helicopters, Russia historically has accumulated an own vast experience in use of rotorcrafts for prevention, scouting and fighting fires.

Heads of the Russian Aerial Forest Fire Center “Avialesookhrana” and PANH Helicopters to join the event alongside with representatives from the Helicopter Industry Association and Avialift-Vladivostok.

Deputy Head of the “Avialesookhrana” Andrei Eritsov will speak on the “Development of Aerial Firefighting Technologies using helicopters in Russia”. “Avialesookhrana” is a specialized government agency purposed for the complex task to fight wildfires and bushfires. Agency’s team are the highly competent professionals.

PANH Helicopters CEO, Andrey Kozlovskiy, will share the company’s long-term experience in his presentation on the “Highlights of Russian helicopters operations in firefighting missions”. PANH Helicopters specializes in providing a wide range of helicopter services in Russia and abroad and it is actively involved in helicopter industry development. This approach makes the company one of the fastest growing Russian aviation enterprises.

The “Russian Hour” visitors would have a chance to get acquainted with Russian rotorcraft technologies. Specialists of Russian Helicopters (general sponsor of the “Russian Hour”) have prepared a presentation on the “History of helicopter use for firefighting”.

Russian Helicopters’ enterprises have created a wide range of talented rotorcraft technical solutions and the Russian-produced helicopters are well-known for their reliability and efficiency around the globe. Undoubtedly, one of the most potent firefighting helicopters is the Ka-32A11BC, which can be equipped with an impressive set of firefighting equipment to extinguish all types of fires. The Ka-32A11BC is being used in more than 30 countries around the world. The new multirole Ansat, recently on the market, can also be a great asset in helicopter firefighting.

Aerial Firefighting Asia Pacific Conference covers a wide range of topics. This year it will discuss geopolitical issues surrounding wildfires and bushfires, military aerial firefighting, standard operating procedures and interoperability, the use of UAS, as well as other important topics. Conference is accompanied by a static demonstration of aerial firefighting vehicles and equipment.

The conference differs by its unique format allowing all participating countries to benefit from it. Australia is chosen in part due to the fact that many countries in the Asia-Pacific region are in need of modernization and further development of their aerial firefighting fleet.

The conference is organized by Tangent Link, a specialist UK based conference and exhibition organizer that connects aerospace and defense businesses to international markets. Events organized by Tangent Link are visited by specialists of industry leading companies and professional community. “Russian Hour” is organized by the Helicopter Industry Association  with Russian Helicopters acting as the general sponsor.

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