Alpine Adventures Receives Air Operating Certificate

Alpine Adventures Receives Air Operating Certificate 30 Sep, 16, Source:

Alpine Adventures, a South Westland helicopter company that has been grounded since May, has been given permission to fly again by Civil Aviation. Alpine Adventures will be operating under the new name Fox-Franz Heliservices and a new board. Their initial grounding was only to last 10 days, but James Scott, the director and individual shareholder, gave up their operating certificate. And although their certificate has been reissued, they are still not flying according to a staff member.

As reported by NZ Herald, James Scott and his quality assurance manager Barry Waterland are to appear in Greymouth District Court as they have both been charged under the 1992 Health and Safety in Employment Act. This is to do with the crash that occurred in November 2015 that killed all seven passengers on board on Fox Glacier.

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