Genesys Aerosystems will unveil its helicopter cockpit systems demonstrator at Heli-Expo 2017

Genesys Aerosystems will unveil its helicopter cockpit systems demonstrator at Heli-Expo 2017

7-Feb-2017 Source: Genesys Aerosystems

Representatives of Genesys Aerosystems announced today that the company will unveil its new state-of-the-art helicopter cockpit demonstrator at their booth (#8606) during the upcoming HAI Heli-EXPO convention in Dallas.

“Our goal with the cockpit systems demonstrator is to enable our customers and prospective customers to experience all of the advanced operational and safety capabilities that the Genesys Aerosystems cockpit displays and HeliSAS Stability Augmentation System bring to today’s helicopters,” stated the company’s Director of Sales and Marketing, Jamie Luster.

“With the flip of a switch we can demonstrate all the functionality of our integrated four-display IDU (Integrated Display Unit) EFIS/EICAS system including our innovative highway-in-the-sky, flight planning, audio/radio integration, hover vector and example engine display options,” explained Dirk H. ter Veer, Senior Applications Engineer for Genesys Aerosystems. “It’s a very immersive demonstration that allows the number of OEMs that have selected our EFIS and are also attending Heli-EXPO to demonstrate the system and close sales at the show.”

“While it’s not a real simulator, the cockpit demonstrator provides a platform for pilots and engineers to experience the true dynamic behavior of all of our systems working together,” Genesys Aerosystems Field Test Engineer/Test Pilot Chat Howard said. “The HeliSAS servos are fully coupled to the controls so you can feel what the system is doing throughout all phases of flight.”

“It’s one thing to talk about it, but another when you can put the ‘aircraft’ in an unusual attitude and simply press a button and watch the HeliSAS return it to a normal attitude,” he added. “The demonstrator doesn’t move, but it sure looks and feels like it does.”

The Genesys Aerosystems cockpit demonstrator is equipped with all of the company’s latest equipment including:

• Four IDU-680, 6” x 9” high-resolution LCD displays

• 3D Synthetic Vision

• Highway-In-The-Sky (HITS) navigation

• Geo-referenced hover vector

• Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning System (H-TAWS)

• Engine Instrument Crew Advisory System (EICAS)

• HeliSAS Stability Augmentation System and Autopilot

• Automatic recovery to near-level flight attitude at all airspeeds

• System engagement throughout all phases of flight from startup to shutdown

• Complete 2-axis autopilot functionality

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