KABC-TV Unveils State-of-the-art AIR7HD

KABC-TV Unveils State-of-the-art AIR7HD 27 Feb, 17, Source: Shotover

KABC-TV, the most watched television station in Southern California, is live with Air7 HD with XTREME Vision and SkyMap7 powered by the SHOTOVER F1 LIVE, a major breakthrough in aerial news coverage that delivers unprecedented clarity and detail from the Air 7 HD news helicopter.

“By utilizing the SHOTOVER F1 LIVE as the centerpiece of the Air 7 HD news helicopter, we are providing unparalleled viewpoints into breaking news events,” said Rob Elmore, KABC, Eyewitness News VP and News director. “XTREME Vision utilizes the industry’s most advanced zoom lens, is incredibly agile and is able to track vehicle speeds in real time – all tremendous advantages in helicopter videography. The experience is further enhanced by the advanced mapping overlays delivered with SkyMap7, which provides a critical frame of reference for viewers when visibililty is limited by such things as weather, smoke or mudslides. Our viewers will literally be able to see through these kinds of obstacles.”

The news ship, managed by leading flight service company Helinet Aviation, provides live aerial coverage of the region’s top breaking news, events, awards shows and traffic. With the SHOTOVER F1 LIVE, the station is deploying the ENG industry-first 6500mm zoom focal length, which is over eight times that of conventional systems, for XTREME Vision. To further enhance the F1 LIVE’s capability, KABC-TV is using the system with an optional moving map upgrade from Churchill Navigation to power SkyMap7. Fully integrated into the F1 LIVE platform, the state-of-the-art moving map system will enable in-air reporters to quickly identify ground locations and addresses during fast moving assignments via location-specific video overlays. KABC-TV is also taking advantage of SHOTOVER’s custom painting service and will receive an F1 LIVE painted to match the station’s color scheme and branding.

“KABC-TV is one of the world’s top helicopter news operators and a valued resource for millions of viewers both in California and beyond,” said SHOTOVER CEO Brad Hurndell.  “We are honored to have been selected to support the station in its vital newsgathering efforts.”

Introduced earlier this year by SHOTOVER, a manufacturer of high-performance stabilization platforms, the SHOTOVER F1 LIVE is the broadcaster-optimized variant of the company’s popular SHOTOVER F1 gyro-stabilized camera platform. Featuring 6-axis gyro-stabilization with look down capability, the F1 LIVE utilizes an open platform design that can accommodate new cameras and lenses as they become available. The system supports all major broadcast cameras, including both 4K and 2K models and comes equipped with the SHOTOVER Rain Spinner, the industry’s top tool for keeping the lens clear when shooting in wet conditions.

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