Maxcraft Receives STC for Garmin in Airbus Helicopters EC-135

Maxcraft Receives STC for Garmin in Airbus Helicopters EC-135

8-Mar-2017 Source: Maxcraft Avionics

Maxcraft Avionics Ltd announced that they have received Transport Canada STC SH17-13 for installation of the Garmin GTS800 Traffic System with dual directional traffic antennas, and STC SH17- 14 for installation of Garmin HTAWS in the Airbus Helicopters EC-135.

Garmin GTS800 Traffic Alerting System

When flying in busy airspace, converging in sometimes less-than-ideal visibility conditions – pilots need every possible advantage to “see and avoid” traffic conflicts. Alertness and vigilance are essential. But for enhanced safety, nothing beats having an extra set of “electronic eyes” to help detect and display the position of any transponder- equipped aircraft approaching on a potential collision course.

The GTS800 provide performance suited to light helicopters, 40 watts of transmit power, a +/- 10,000-foot vertical separation maximum, and a typical active interrogation range of 12 nm in the forward direction. Passive surveillance is provided with available 1090 MHz extended squitter ADS-B “In” capability.

Garmin HTAWS enablement for GTN Navigators

HTAWS is an option available to provide operators with visual and audible alerts of potential terrain and obstacle conflicts along the flight path. Garmin HTAWS incorporates a high-resolution, five-color terrain scale, voice callouts, optional radar altimeter input, and in addition Garmin’s HTAW’s offers a Reduced Protection (RP) mode that allows low-level operations with minimal alerting while continuing to provide terrain and obstacle protection.

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