Consolidation coming to the UK air ambulance market?

Consolidation coming to the UK air ambulance market? 13 Mar, 17, Source:
Two UK air ambulance charities have recently collaborated to create a new post – under the title of Head of Operations, the candidate will be responsible to the CEOs off both organisations.  The person taking up this role “will act as a senior member of the charities’ management teams with specific responsibilities for the delivery and ongoing development of the air ambulance operations”.
Thames Valley Air Ambulance and Hampshire & Isle of Wight Air Ambulance retained Greys Search and Selection to find a candidate to cover the new role. The two are geographically adjacent, and already have ties with each other – it was no coincidence that each upgraded to new EC135T3s (ahead of the type being renamed H135) around the same time, and both contract with Babcock MCS Onshore for the provision of pilots, maintenance spare aircraft etc.
The charities have a long and successful history of cooperation and operationally they work very closely together. Both their aircraft and operating patterns are the same and both services work within the NHS Ambulance Service region (South Central) As a result of this partnership, having one Head of Operations, to oversee both operations and speak with “one voice” to the ambulance service stakeholder, is key.
In the past the charities covering Essex and Hertfordshire combined into a single organisation, but what other possibilities does this raise? Yes, this is just one role, but with the two organisations operating closer together, what other jobs could be merged?  Will it one day translate into the two charities merging into one?

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