Helisafari and Balearic Helicopters announce strategic partnership

Helisafari and Balearic Helicopters announce strategic partnership

30-Mar-2017 Source: Helipaddy

Helisafari has partnered with Balearic Helicopters to streamline their trip organisation process and further enrich the set of adventure trips available to helicopter pilots in Europe, with the US coming on-stream later.

Until now, it has been nearly impossible for enthusiastic helicopter owner/pilots to find organised trips without joining a dozen operator mailing lists and crossing fingers.  At the same time, helicopter training schools and maintenance operations have not been able to consistently provide an interesting and varied programme of trips throughout the year.

Balearic Helicopters, specialists in heli training and trips, have joined the platform so that they can address a far broader set of potential customers, and do away with the dreaded slot-filling process, all of which is handled online by Helisafari. Johnny Greenall, owner of Balearic Helicopters and veteran of pilot instruction, explains his strategic move stating ‘Helisafari is a brilliant platform to distribute the many trip ideas that I have. Its exposure to pilots is highly targeted and the efficient management of our booking process is just one less headache.  From the pilot’s perspective, they would far rather go to one place to see trips from multiple operators.

Helisafari have an enviable distribution list of active pilots and manage the whole sales and bookings process for trip operators. Tour operators such as Balearic Helicopters no longer have to worry about filling their trips and instead are able to focus on designing attractive itineraries.  Helisafari then charges a transparent administration fee to participating pilots on a per-helicopter basis.  Such a proposition presents a disruptive change for trip operators in the industry and Helisafari ‘aims to leverage this in an effort to aggregate heli trips for pilots around the world’ as noted by Asya Ghalachyan at Helisafari in London.

Helisafari have entered into a partnership with landing site data provider Helipaddy which gives them access to data on 15,000+ landing sites around the world.  The upcoming Morocco trip is the latest addition in new line of trips available on the Helisafari platform. For pilots willing to brave the heat, the adventure begins in the bay of the Strait of Gibraltar at Tangier before visiting the fortress city of Essaouira, the bustling markets of Marrakesh and much more.

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