AAROI-EMAC and Leonardo sign agreement on Helicopter Emergency Medical Service

AAROI-EMAC and Leonardo sign agreement on Helicopter Emergency Medical Service

10-Apr-2017 Source: AAROI-EMAC

A cooperation agreement between Leonardo, the main Italian industrial company and a world leader in the helicopter field, and AAROI-EMAC, association representing over 10,000 Physicians Anaesthetists of Critical Care, was recently signed in Vergiate, in Italy. Among its objectives there is the implementation of scientific, technical and organizational developments in the delicate and fundamental healthcare sectors in which they operate.

The agreement, entirely non-profit, was signed in order to develop synergies for higher levels of operational capability and safety for helicopter emergency medical personnel, the tip of the spear of critical care.

Anaesthetists and their Critical Care colleagues carrying out helicopter rescue service will make their valuable and selfless contribution to update and improve Leonardo’s capabilities in Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS).

AAROI-EMAC experts’ advice on the evolution of techniques and HEMS medical procedures will allow joint study of criteria to meet training and upgrading needs. The agreement also includes the development of a dedicated training centre.

The agreement, renewable for five years, includes the organization of courses for “Helicopter Rescue Personnel”, foreseeing the creation of a national certification, as well as studies on HEMS’ organization, safety and intervention in Italy, AAROI-EMAC’s Centre for Research, Training and Upgrading (SimuLearn®).

Synergies agreed between Leonardo and AAROI-EMAC will also provide guidelines, analysing and optimizing HEMS work, taking into account, for example, the development of satellite-assisted navigation or icy-weather flight, conditions which Leonardo latest-generation helicopters are already fit with and operated by HEMS and SAR (Search and Rescue) operators, reflecting the high degree of technological innovation available to the health sector and by the Company.

All this will contribute to the publication, with scientifically validated data, of EMS-dedicated protocols useful to reform hospital systems, already developing according to the Hub-Spoke models. After the definition of a national standard, Leonardo and AAROI-EMAC will then present it internationally, particularly in Europe, building on the extensive experience and the variety of conditions and requirements characterizing helicopter operations in Italy, contributing to the potential development of a European standard and becoming a model for countries interested in developing their own helicopter rescue service. The collaboration agreement signed today follows the one between Leonardo and the National Alpine and Speleological Rescue Corps (CNSAS) announced in December 2016, confirming the Company’s commitment in EMS operations with a fleet of over 600 helicopters dedicated to rescue missions in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Prof. Franco Marinangeli, scientific Director of EMAC-AAROI SimuLearn® Center said: “The AAROIEMAC has been performing for many years training and professional development activities also with simulation tools, allowing hundreds of Doctors to attend classes with advanced teaching methods and up to date topics. The collaboration with Leonardo improves our training initiatives and lets the Center’s instructors to collaborate in a sector of primary relevance.”

Dr. Alessandro Vergallo, National President AAROI-EMAC said: “HEMS doctors are almost entirely anaesthetists and first responders. Such are the skills and competencies needed to work in this field that a specific university and hospital training is a must have. The everyday experience on the most critical patients is invaluable and shouldn’t be replaced by generalist and economical solutions. This Agreement is therefore an important opportunity to keep the helicopter-based Critical Care system of our country, both today and in the future, adapted to the real and concrete needs of the population.”

Daniele Romiti, Managing Director of Leonardo Helicopter, said: “The demand for a more efficient, quick and flexible rescue helicopter service in Italy and around the world, is constantly growing in order to aid individual lives and entire populations and territories under emergency conditions. This shows how the helicopter is a unique and irreplaceable mean to ensure the full satisfaction of those requirements and expectations. We are convinced that synergies like the one born today through this agreement will provide a vital contribution because industry and organizations alike need to work together joining their professionalism and skills. We are ready to work together soon towards the achievement of the first important results from this cooperation.”

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