CAMTS raises standards with increasing IIMC requirements

CAMTS raises standards with increasing IIMC requirements

18-Apr-2017 Source: CAMTS

In keeping with CAMT’s values of continuously improving accreditation standards to improve patient care and safety of transport, the next revision to the CAMTS Standards will encourage additional helicopter Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) training requirements.  The draft of the recommendation, to be incorporated into the 11th Edition of the CAMTS Standards, will require quarterly Inadvertent Instrument Meteorological Condition (IIMC) training and demonstration of the pilot’s ability to safely maneuver the helicopter into visual meteorological conditions (VMC) following an inadvertent encounter with IMC and completion of an IFR approach.

For instrument proficiency training in non-IFR-certified rotorcraft, the pilot should perform such maneuvers as are appropriate to the rotorcraft’s installed equipment, the certificate holder’s operations specifications, and the operating environment.

A recent analysis of fatal accidents over a five- year period, conducted by the U.S. Helicopter Safety Team, revealed that the Helicopter Air Ambulance industry had the second most fatal accidents, second only to Personal/Private operations.  Fifty-two percent (52%) of these accidents involved:

  • Inflight Loss of Control
  • Inadvertent IMC
  • Low Altitude Operations

Increasing IFR training requirements is an attempt to reduce the historical accident rate in our industry while focusing on data driven causal factors and is in keeping with the CAMTS mission to continuously improve transport safety.

This proposed future revision of the CAMTS Standards is being recommended by the CAMTS Aviation & Safety Advisory Committee, comprised of industry safety experts including non-CAMTS Board members. Final verbiage for the 11th Edition of the CAMTS Standards will be approved by the CAMTS Board of Directors prior to incorporation.

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